Worlds 2020 play-ins day two recap – Surprises and upsets

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Worlds 2023 is drawing to a close. A winner will be chosen, offseason roster moves will escalate, and League of Legends season 14 will commence, paving the path for Worlds 2024. Worlds 2023 is unique in that Riot Games changed the format for the first time in history....

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The second day of the Worlds 2020 play-ins concluded recently. The major regions’ lower-seeded teams and the minor regions’ champions continued their fight for a spot in the group stage. If you missed the day’s games, then this recap is perfect for you. Continue reading this recap to learn about what unfolded in day two of the Worlds 2020 play-ins.

Rainbow7 vs V3 Esports

The LLA’s Rainbow7 and the LJL’s V3 Esports competed in the opening match of the second day. R7 secured the first dragon near the seven-minute mark because of a well-timed rotation by Josedeodo. A minute later, V3 scored first blood through a tower dive in the top lane. However, they went in too deeply in their attempt. As a result, R7 were able to punish them and get two kills in return. Both teams continued to trade kills, but V3 had the gold lead because of superior objective control.

The balance of the game shifted heavily in V3’s favor after a fight in the middle lane. V3 took down four members of R7 without losing anybody. Afterwards, they turned they sights to and then secured the baron buff. Following this, V3 secured the infernal dragon soul. With the baron buff and infernal soul, V3 made one final push in the middle lane to win the game.

INTZ vs Papara SuperMassive

The next game of day two was between the CBLoL’s INTZ and the TCL’s Papara SuperMassive. An interesting thing to note is that this game is the Worlds debut of Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon, formerly one of the LCK’s best junglers. KaKAO made his presence known early after helping secure first blood by ganking the top lane. Following this, INTZ jungler Diogo “Shini” Rogê ganked the mid lane to get a kill for his team. SuperMassive tipped the scales in their favor after a skirmish for the rift herald. Despite being unable to stop INTZ from taking the rift herald, they still managed to punish them by scoring three takedowns.

Next, INTZ tried to take some control back by attempting a five-man dive in the top lane. However, SuperMassive’s top-laner İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek turned things around. With some help from his mid-laner Onur “Bolulu” Can Demirol, they survived the dive and even got two kills from it. Afterwards, the game slowed down in terms of kills but SuperMassive continued to pressure INTZ by securing three dragons. The game snowballed further into SuperMassive’s favor after they won a fight in the mid lane and took the dragon soul, as a result. From there, Armut’s Shen became too much for INTZ to handle. SuperMassive kept picking and winning multiple fights until they forced their way into INTZ base to secure the win.

V3 Esports vs Unicorns of Love

V3 Esports faced off against the LCL’s Unicorns Of Love in the day’s third game. Here, UOL drafted a team that didn’t feature any marksmen by having Orianna in the bot lane. Both teams started by performing a lane swap, with their bot lanes starting out in the top lane. Early into the game, both teams already traded blows. A total of three kills happened within the span of four minutes. UOL repeatedly picked and won fights afterwards. They managed to get a total of eight kills within eleven minutes. V3 managed to even out the gold difference with a rift herald in the top lane. The LJL representatives were able to take two towers to pressure back UOL.

Things started to roll in UOL’s favor after they won a chaotic fight over the second rift herald. They managed to secure the rift herald in addition to increasing the kill score twelve to five. From there, UOL showed superior team fighting ability compared to V3. UOL’s fighting prowess saw them take down any of V3’s players. With the current state of the game massively in UOL’s favor, it wasn’t long before they made their win official.

LGD Gaming vs Rainbow7

The halfway point of the day featured a match between the LPL’s LGD Gaming and Rainbow7. R7 played the early game aggressively, invading LGD’s jungle to establish early vision. In true LPL fashion, LGD responded in kind. They repeatedly picked multiple fights against R7 and got off to an early kill lead. However, R7’s top-laner Emmanuel “Acce” Juárez and jungler Josedeodo kept the score close. LGD’s mid-laner Su “xiye” Han-Wei’s proactivity on Twisted Fate helped them widen the lead again. He continuously utilized Twisted Fate’s global presence to make plays around the map and help his team.

R7 managed to hold onto the game by securing more dragons than LGD. They evened out the game after a fight for what would have been their third dragon. The Latin American representatives successfully evened out the kill score and get their third dragon as an additional boon. After this, the fight for what would be R7’s fourth dragon completely turned the game around. Not only was R7 able to secure the regenerative powers of the ocean soul, they took down four members of LGD too. Shortly afterwards, R7 also secured the baron buff. LGD continued to try and fight back against R7, still managing to get kills. However, the combined powers of the baron buff and ocean soul was too much. Eventually, R7 managed to endure and outplay LGD to get the win.

Unicorns of Love vs PSG Talon

The fifth game of the day was a battle between two undefeated teams in group B. The LCL’s Unicorns of Love faced off against the PCS’ PSG Talon to determine who would leave the day with their undefeated streak intact. Once again, UOL opted for a draft without a marksman. However, their draft featured Swain in the bot lane with Orianna going to the mid lane this time. Similar to their game against V3, UOL came out of the gates guns blazing. They scored an early first blood in the top lane in the game’s first three minutes. Not wanting to be outdone, PSG got their revenge in a battle for the rift herald. Although they conceded the herald to UOL, they got three takedowns to even the odds a bit.

A fight for the infernal drake became an important turning point in the game. UOL secured the infernal drake and took down two members of PSG afterwards. With their numbers advantage, UOL turned towards Baron Nashor. The remaining members of PSG tried to stop this attempt but only ended up losing their support. Afterwards, UOL began to siege PSG’s base and successfully took down two inhibitors. This wasn’t without casualties, as PSG managed to hold off UOL by getting four takedowns. After respawning, UOL utilized the pressure exerted by their super minions. They successfully took down PSG’s remaining inhibitor before securing their second baron. Afterwards, they defeated PSG in the final fight and marched on to remain undefeated.

Papara SuperMassive vs MAD Lions

The Worlds 2020 play-ins’ second day’s penultimate game was between the TCL’s Papara SuperMassive and the LEC’s MAD Lions. This game started slow, but its pace started to quicken after KaKAO’s proactivity helped Armut secure a lead in the top lane. KaKAO’s timely arrivals helped turn around many skirmishes towards SuperMassive’s favor. On the backfoot, the MAD Lions tried to proactively match SuperMassive in skirmishes. However, SuperMassive displayed better coordination and outperformed the MAD Lions in team fights.

Armut’s Wukong continuously terrorized the MAD Lions throughout the game. His well-timed engages and his team’s clean follow ups let his team win fight after fight. After SuperMassive destroyed the MAD Lions in a team fight near the red side raptors, they secured the baron buff. Shortly after they broke into the MAD Lions’ base and prepared to deal the final blow. One final fight near the MAD Lions’ top inner turret resulted in four of their members taken down. From there, Armut’s Wukong prevented the MAD Lions’ Mordekaiser from recalling to defend their base. Afterwards, KaKAO seized this opportunity to push into the MAD Lions’ base and secure SuperMassive’s second win.

Team Liquid vs Legacy Esports

The LCS’ Team Liquid and the OPL’s Legacy Esports faced off in the final game of the Worlds 2020 play-ins’ second day. Team Liquid’s jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen secured first blood in a mid lane gank. Furthermore, Team Liquid’s well-coordinated rotations helped them jump off to an early kill lead in the game. The LCS’ third-seed team didn’t let up throughout the game. For every kill they took, they also secured an objective to further their lead. Team Liquid’s lead just kept increasing until they accumulated a thirteen-thousand gold advantage over Legacy. With their massive gold and item lead, Team Liquid kept winning fights against Legacy until they eventually won the game.

This wraps up the recap of the second day of the Worlds 2020 play-ins. For information on the Worlds 2020 match schedule, go here. Read the recap of the day one here.


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