Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Overview

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Today, Riot Games released the patch notes and the most recent 3.4 update patch for League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile devices. The game has undergone updates, gameplay changes, and champions changes, and features two new champions. So without further ado, here is Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Overview.

Patch 3.4 Features Two New Champions

Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress


Gwen is a former doll who was changed and given life by magic. She now uses the same equipment that was used to make her. The love of her creator weighs down every step she takes, and she doesn’t take anything for granted. The Hallowed Mist, an ancient spell of protection, is at her disposal, and it has blessed Gwen’s scissors, needles, and thread. Gwen is learning so much, but she is still delightfully resolved to stand out for the good that endures in a corrupt society.

Gwen will be released on September 15 at 00:01 UTC.

Yone, The Unforgotten


He was Yone in real life, Yasuo’s half-brother and a well-known pupil of his village’s sword academy. He was compelled to kill the evil spirit entity with its sword after he was killed by his brother and discovered that it was pursuing him. To comprehend what he has become, Yone hunts nonstop all such monsters while being cursed to wear its demonic mask on his face.

Yone will be released on September 22 at 00:01 UTC.

For more elaborate champion changes, you can read the official Wild Rift 3.4 Patch Notes or watch this.



Riot Games are making some updates to and expanding on Champion Score! Previously you could only earn Mastery for the champions you played, but now you’ll also be able to earn Mastery for each role you play! Here’s how it works:

  • There are five different tiers (1 – 5).
  • Each tier will have a different color icon.
  • The score will be displayed on your profile page.
  • Hovering over it on your profile will also show your top three champions in that role.
    • For example, if you hover over the Support role, it will also show the three champions you have the highest Mastery on in Support.
  • You’ll be able to share your role score with your teammates in your lobbies!

GVG & Guilds update

Recently, Riot gave an update on GvG and guilds but wanted to briefly touch on it here as well in the Wild Rift update 3.4 patch notes. After Season 3, They will replace the current form of GvG with a new guild season. Here are some of the updates you can expect to see when Season 4 of guilds starts on September 16 at 00:01 UTC:

  • While GvG will be gone, guilds will continue to be in the game (you and your guildies are still stuck with each other).
  • Trophy Track is here to stay, with some of the same goodies from before and some new ones!
  • Simplified Trophy Track and missions, so you and your friends can hop into a game and earn rewards while doing it!
  • Guild and the Trophy Track will still have seasons and a theme.
  • Before GvG ends, we’ll have one late hoorah to celebrate everyone who participated and provided us feedback!
    • From September 16 – October 1, you and your guildies can earn a one-time reward.
    • If you’re not in a guild right now, as long as you join one before October 1, you’ll also be eligible to receive the reward.

Thank you for all your feedback on GvG and guilds, and please let us know how the new season and the updates to the Trophy Track feel!

Season 4 of Guilds will begin on September 16 at 00:01 UTC

Quality of life updates

In this patch, they included a variety of quality of life updates to improve the game’s overall experience:

Ping System

  • We’ve received feedback that sometimes pings are difficult to use, so we’re adding a new optional system. The timing and targeting are different from what we currently have, and this new system is something you’ll be able to opt into. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Let us know if it makes pings smoother to use!

Kill Banner Updates

  • Currently, players who get the final blow on killing a foe get the credit for the kill with a banner, but often their teammates help them get these kills by setting up the play or assisting them in some way. So this patch, we’re also adding assisting champion icons to the kill banners! Now your Leona, who cc’d your foe for a year, will also get the credit they earned in the banner right next to you!

Load-out System Updates

  • We’ve also made some updates to the load-out system! When building your custom load-outs, you’ll now be granted more slots for items. In-game, you’ll be able to view your load-out in the shop and see the order in which you placed the items. You’ll also be able to change any of the items in your load-out if you need them because of the team comp or champion you’re up against. We hope this gives you more room to add situational items to your load-out so that you can easily swap them when in-game!

Wild pass

Wait… what’s that? Is it a bird? A plane? No… it’s Superhero Jayce! Flying into this Wild Pass along with his Ascended version and plenty of goodies for you to earn throughout the Wild Rift update 3.4 patch notes! He’s a genius inventor by day and a hero who will do anything to protect his people by night.

In addition to the new skin and goodies, we also have some updates to the Wild Pass as a whole this patch:

  • The “Bonus Rewards” section is now the “Wild Pass Emporium.”
  • You’ll no longer progress linearly from levels 51 through 75, but instead, there will be an exchange where you can claim rewards in any order you’d like.
  • Wild Pass Skin Augments are now here and will be granted if you claim enough rewards in the Emporium.
  • A simple set of repeatable missions for playing matches was added.
  • Have a cap and reset each week; that will give you steady momentum for just logging in and playing games.
  • Elite Pass purchasers will receive Seasonal Missions to obtain all the rewards you want in the new Emporium!
  • Purchasing the Elite Pass will grant you a new Role Choice Skin Chest at level 1.
  • Instead of getting random skin, you can narrow the choices to just one lane role—Solo, mid, jungle, duo, or Support!

The Wild Pass will be available on September 15 at 00:01 UTC.

Game Modes


For a limited time, you’ll be able to hop into the Howling Abyss and duke it out in a true 1v1 duel without any pesky supports trying to interfere. This is an even fight though, few rules are applied for this mode:

  • In order to claim the victory you must either:
    • Kill the enemy champion 2 times before the shrinking circle appears.
    • Kill the enemy champion 1 time after the shrinking circle appears.
    • Destroy the first enemy turret.
  • There will be a shrinking circle:
    • Spawns 8 minutes into the game
    • The initial radius of the shrinking circle will cover the whole map. It will wait 30 seconds, then will begin shrinking.
    • The circle will complete shrinking at 9 minutes and 30 seconds and the final radius is 5 meters.
    • There will be continuous damage if you’re outside of the circle.
    • Once the shrinking circle appears, the next death by a champion will end the game for the killer’s victory.
  • All champions are unlocked on the Howling Abyss
  • Omnivamp is reduced by 50% against minions
  • Recalling the fountain will allow you to purchase items
  • Each player will start with 500g
  • Gold and experience generation is increased

Duel will be available to play from September 16 at 00:01 UTC until September 29 at 23:59 UTC

System Changes


Leashing has always been a difficult lever to balance around as the jungle has little control over it. We’re aiming to make leashing less viable and will be balancing jungle based on them not receiving a leash. All lanes will now clash at the same time.

  • The first minion wave in Baron and Dragon lane gains bonus movement speed


Omnivamp is now truly Omni, it will work with True damage in addition to Physical and Magic damage.

  • Gain Health when dealing Physical or Magic damage → Gain Health when dealing Physical, Magic or True damage

Passive Gold

Graceful Charity was a placeholder to help Supports earn more gold. Now that we’re adding Support quest items, we are removing the band-aid.

  • Player with the least gold on the team gains 2 gold per second → Removed

Scryer’s Bloom

Currently, Mid Laners can use Scryer’s Bloom to reveal jungles very early. To combat this, we’re pushing back the spawn time so junglers can plan out their routes early game without worrying about being revealed at their first camp.

  • Spawn Time: 0:25 → 0:45


To better prevent scenarios where the player smites the wrong target during key fights over objectives (it’s okay this has happened to us one too many times too), we’re making a control adjustment to the Smite spell.

  • Smite will prioritize epic monsters while cast by a quick swipe/flick.

Extra Bits

  • Annie will now begin with full stacks of Pyromania at the start of the game or when reviving.
  • Updated Soraka’s Empowered Starcall VFX.
  • Adjusted roles and load-outs for a number of champions.
  • Updated various text strings across the client and in-game.
    • The major one is, that you’ll no longer be able to say you can purchase your Infinity Edge that’s available to purchase.
  • Fixed the issue when Samira’s S combo would disappear while triggering GA, she would always be able to use her ultimate

Free-to-Play Champions Rotations

Sept 15 – Sept 21: Braum, Draven, Gragas, Lulu, Malphite, Nunu & Willump, Orianna, Samira, Sion, Twisted Fate

Sept 22 – Sept 29: Corki, Galio, Jarvan IV, Karma, Kayle, Leona, Olaf, Sett, Xayah, Yasuo


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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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