VALORANT: How to Play Yoru

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Yoru is Valorant’s Duelist from Japan. This Japanese Agent offers more than just a gag with a variety of playable utilities and flanking skills that will confound your enemies.

There’s not really an Agent like Yoru. He is a genuinely distinct addition to the roster, even though there are some reasons for some Agents acting similarly to others. He has filled a gap in the lineup that has existed since the game’s debut and needed to be filled.
Yoru is for you if you enjoy playing on the flank and sending your opponents on a never-ending rat race as your side captures every possible objective. But how precisely does his kit operate?

Is Yoru the Right Agent For You?


  • His abilities to be deceptive and to reposition are one of a kind, making him harder to anticipate and kill
  • He can easily mess up enemies’ gameplay with his kit.


  • His abilities cant damage or kill the opponent; they’re simply all about confusing opponents
  • His Gatecrash and ultimate also make considerable noise when it’s in the opponent’s radius, which helps opponents to predict his movements.

Yoru Abilities


EQUIP an echo that transforms into a mirror image of Yoru when activated. FIRE to instantly activate the mirror image and send it forward. ALT FIRE to place an inactive echo. USE to transform an inactive echo into a mirror image and send it forward. Mirror images explode in a blinding flash when destroyed by enemies.


EQUIP to rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. FIRE to throw the fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface in the world.


EQUIP to harness a rift tether. FIRE to send the tether out moving forward. ALT FIRE to place a tether in place. ACTIVATE to teleport to the tether’s location. USE to trigger a fake teleport.

ULTIMATE – Dimensional Rift

EQUIP a mask that can see between dimensions. FIRE to drift into Yoru’s dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside.

The Road to A Yoru Main

Deception is Your Ally

Yoru only has one charge of Fakeout per round, so make sure someone is prepared to utilize the room and details the duplicate offers. Fakeout will be used frequently during your team’s main site execution. Remember that the copy’s flashbang only blinds those in front of it, allowing you and your teammates to approach it from behind without being affected.

Your enemies can no longer tell the difference between the original Yoru and the duplicate of Yoru. In VALORANT, Yoru’s best buddy exploits the conditioned thinking of his adversaries. Enemies will learn to play positions where they may safely reposition themselves if you keep sending your copy in first. Fakeout can be used to surprise opponents by using it at various times and angles. There is no guarantee that you won’t get shot when playing Yoru, but you can think HE is the copy and go for entries first.

Yoru can also play aggressively with Fakeout on the defender’s side. Sending the duplicate into potential attack sites helps spread knowledge and identify openings. Yoru can use Fakeout’s ALT mode to build up a copy on one angle, then activate it as opponents approach him as bait for his true angle if you’re wary of going in blind.

The new Fakeout power Yoru has can be used in various situations. The value of knowledge and a flashbang is very great even if you aren’t utilizing it for some elaborate game of misdirection. Keep in mind to avoid being too predictable and use originality in your copy.

Use the Element of Suprise!

Gatecrash’s fake teleport has been included as the other new deception tool to Yoru’s toolbox. Yoru previously had difficulty using Gatecrash since his adversaries would almost always be aware of his whereabouts if they heard the loud noises made by the gateway moving or activating. Yoru now has a whole new level of complexity while using the power.

Yoru can deploy his Gatecrash gateway into hostile territory and conceal it from view. Then, if the moment is good, he can opt to either pass through it for a flank or fake a teleport to confuse his adversaries about where Yoru is.

They must decide whether to abandon their post to check the portal location or to continue playing in dread of Yoru shooting them in the back because your opponents need to view the portal site itself to verify whether Yoru transported. Yoru will either obtain map control or false knowledge, depending on your perspective. Both on offense and defense, this is effective.

Escape teleport is one more tool available to Yoru in VALORANT. Yoru can utilize one of his two remaining Gatecrasher charges to move to a secure location. Use the skill in a position already held by your team, then attempt an information play or entry play. Now that Yoru can use skills while in his Dimensional Drift, this is incredibly dependable and effective.

Planning Is Everything

Yoru has a wide range of fresh opportunities to benefit his squad consistently. You must, however, be careful to coordinate the usage of these new skills with your team. After all, if no one is present to benefit from the space they create, what use is a flashbang or a flank?

You can have more people prepared to occupy space behind the Yoru copy if you alert your teammates when it is approaching. A Jett or Raze who is distracted may be able to advance and jump for kills. Synchronizing your skills with those of allies is a wonderful technique to surprise attackers when playing defense.

Always use team pressure when planning your Gatecrash teleports and fakes. Enemies are virtually losing nothing if they can successfully use their angles to stop Yoru’s trickery without losing control of the map. An immensely potent tool that shouldn’t be ignored is the threat of having a player in the opponent’s backlines.

Last but not least, move with efficiency and purpose in Dimensional Drift. Even though 10 seconds of stealth can seem like a long time, in VALORANT, time moves much more quickly. Within this period, Yoru ought should be able to gather all the knowledge required to plan a push, make use of any necessary skills, and go to a secure location to come out of hiding.

A solid alternative to ending your ultimate at the opposition’s backline is to recover rapidly. The transition from stealth to combat is much more challenging with the new longer unequip delay. When leaving Dimensional Drift, if you can ensure that adversaries aren’t staring directly at you, you’ll be in a perfect position to finish kills or occupy opponents.

Best & Worst Maps for Yoru

Yoru excels on large maps where he can freely use his teleportation ability; however, he will have a hard time on small maps like Bind as you cannot really use his abilities to its full potential


  • Icebox
  • Haven


  • Bind
  • Ascent

And that should be it. If you want to learn more about other agents as well, check our Agent Guide List




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