VALORANT: How to Play Sova

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You may be struggling to get that angled arrow shot you’re trying to hit on an enemy hiding in a corner. You kept trying to use his recon dart on a spot where enemies just simply shoot them out before you can get any information. With this guide, I’ll help you become a great Sova main and provide the best information you can get for your team.

Sova is one of the most complex initiator agents to play due to his kit. His unique arrow abilities make it difficult for new players to get the most out of his utilities. Sova is one of the best scouts in Valorant and can fit into almost any team composition.

As your classic marksman/recon type character, Sova uses his custom bow to fire high-tech recon bolts that reveal the location of opposing agents, as well as lethal shock bolts that shock and damage enemies.

To complement his bow, Sova can deploy a drone which he controls to gather intel on enemies and fire a marking dart revealing the location of a hit enemy. Sovas role in a game is all about gathering crucial intel for the team and pushing back the enemy with his damage-dealing abilities.

Is Sova the right agent for you?


  • A powerful ult that can catch out enemies hiding behind cover.
  • Provides amazing vision for the team.
  • Ability to scout and deal damage safely from behind cover.


  • Abilities that require very precise aim and good knowledge of maps and angles.
  • A weak drone ability which is easily shot down.
  • Struggles in handling more aggressive teams that avoid bunkering down.

Sova Abilities

Owl Drone

Sovas owl drone ability deploys a flying scout drone with a 10 second flight time. The scout drone is equipped with a camera that Sova uses to pilot the drone and gather intel on enemies. The drone is also equipped with a marking dart which can be fired at enemies revealing them through walls at periodic ticks. There is a 0.6 seconds reveal per tick, with 1 tick every 1.2 seconds at a total of 3 ticks.

Shock Bolt

The Shock bolt is ranged damage dealing arrow that creates a damage-dealing electric explosion on landing. The shock bolt can be fired at varied power resulting in a shorter or longer range and can be changed to bounce once or twice on map surfaces before landing and exploding.

Recon Bolt

The Recon Bolt is a ranged scout arrow able to reveal enemy locations by creating a scanning field on landing. The Recon Bolt can be fired at varied power resulting in a shorter or longer range, and can be changed to bounce once or twice on map surfaces before landing and scanning for enemies in a 29-meter radius, revealing any enemy in the line of sight of the arrow at periodic ticks. There is a 0.75 second reveal per tick with 1 tick occurring every 1.6 seconds at a Total of 3 ticks

ULTIMATE – Hunter’s Fury

Hunters fury is Sovas ultimate ability and is a ranged AOE volley of three arrows, that damage, knockback, and reveal enemies. The arrows can be shot through walls and will damage enemies for 80 health and reveal them for 1 second.

The Road to A Sova Main

The Lineup-Larry

I know, the first thing that you would think is “Do I have to memorize all of the lineups to be good?”. YES. Sova relies heavily on good setups with that recon. Even if it does end up not detecting any opponent, take note: No information is information.

Your Map is Your Bestfriend

As the scout of the team, you are responsible to make sure that you know where your enemies are and call out spots on the map of where you think they are. You gain the most information out of your team since you know where your recons land. Make sure you communicate out to your allies of what you are planning to do.

Best & Worst Maps for Sova

Due to his great skill set Sova is actually a great pick for most maps, however, Sova’s main strength lies in holding longer open sightlines and using the environment around him. More open maps with vertical space, and long angles, allow Sova to use his shock dart and recon bolt at a greater distance, resulting in safer more accessible intel.


  • Ascent
  • Haven


  • Split
  • Fracture

And that should be it. If you want to learn more about other agents as well, check our Agent Guide List




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