VALORANT: How to Play Phoenix

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Guides - Valorant

Phoenix is Valorant’s daring Duelist, and with the snap of his fingers, he can completely alter the course of a match. Do you think you’re a little bit of an entry fragger? Possess an impulsive playstyle that frequently places you at the center of the action? Phoenix is the only Agent you need to consider. The ferocious Duelist has a powerful utility that will help both your team’s offense and defense!

Is Pheonix the Right Agent For You?


  • Strong entry abilities that could catch opponents off guard especially in close distances
  • Self-sustaining through self-healing


  • Susceptible to agents with longer range playstyles.
  • Struggles in handling more aggressive teams that avoid bunkering down.

Pheonix Abilities


EQUIP a flame wall. FIRE to create a line of flame that moves forward, creating a wall of fire that blocks vision and damages players passing through it. HOLD FIRE to bend the wall in the direction of your crosshair.


EQUIP a flare orb that takes a curving path and detonates shortly after throwing. FIRE to curve the flare orb to the left, detonating and blinding any player who sees the orb. ALTERNATE FIRE to curve the flare orb to the right.

Hot Hands

EQUIP a fireball. FIRE to throw a fireball that explodes after a set amount of time or upon hitting the ground, creating a lingering fire zone that damages enemies.

ULTIMATE – Run It Back

INSTANTLY place a marker at Phoenix’s location. while this ability is active, dying or allowing the timer to expire will end this ability and bring Phoenix back to this location with full health.

The Road to A Phoenix Main

Be On Fire!

One of the most important things to know about Phoenix is that his Signature ability, Hot Hands, and his fiery wall, Blaze, will heal him if he stands in them. If you trade shots with an opponent and take some damage, get behind cover and throw Hot Hands on the ground to recover some health. Just be careful where you cast it because it will damage your teammates.

Phoenix’s Hot Hands is also a good ability to flush enemies out of cover. It won’t kill an enemy on full health and you won’t hear it burning them. But, as with Sova’s Shock Bolt, it often causes enemies to panic and run out from their hiding spot.

Blind Tactics

Phoenix’s Curveball is his most advantageous ability, and if used correctly, it can get you several simple easy kills. Before causing the ball to curve, Phoenix will click his fingers, but only your allies will be able to hear it. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about pre-casting the capability to hide your position.

One of the best and new ways to use phoenix’s blind, especially with the recent buffs to the agent, is to not use the flash normally as the developers intended to. Take a look at xtr’s Broken Phoenix video and get blined by his awesome tips!

Best & Worst Maps for Phoenix

With phoenix’s short combat abilities, his kit works well on maps with lots of walls and tight spaces. Generally Phoenix wants to have that 1 on 1 scenarios to get advantage while not supressing your team with your blinds.


  • Haven
  • Bind


  • Breeze

And that should be it. If you want to learn more about other agents as well, check our Agent Guide List




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