VALORANT: How to Play Fade

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Fade the Turkish initiator is an aggressive Sova counterpart. With the help of her equipment, she can hunt down and capture her opponents while exerting steady pressure so that her team can gain territory.

Fade’s skills are, to put it mildly, disturbing in addition to the fact that she looks and feels horrifying. She allegedly appeared in a horror video game, and Valorant hired her to incite dread and fear. The arsenal of skills that Fade possesses will scare rival spies while simultaneously helping her teammates execute surveillance.

Is Fade the right agent for you?


  • Her intel gathering is the best in the game
  • She can easily find and track opponent’s locations with her skills
  • Can blind opponents and get into position


  • Her skills have a very limited range
  • Some agents cannot be affected by her skills (Omen, Yoru, and Chamber)
  • Prowler and Haunt can be easily destroyed

Fade Abilities


EQUIP a prowler. FIRE to send the prowler forward. HOLD FIRE to steer the prowler towards your crosshair. The prowler will chase down the first enemy or terror trail it sees, and nearsighted the enemy on impact.


EQUIP a knot of raw fear. FIRE to throw. The knot drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the knot early. The knot ruptures on impact, holding nearby enemies in place. Held enemies are deafened, and decayed.


EQUIP a haunting watcher. FIRE to throw. The watcher drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the watcher early. The watcher lashes out on impact, revealing enemies in its line of sight and creating terror trails to them. Enemies can destroy the watcher.

ULTIMATE – Nightfall

EQUIP the power of the nightmare itself. FIRE to unleash a wave of unstoppable nightmare energy. Enemies caught in the wave are marked by terror trails, deafened, and decayed.

The Road to A Fade Main

Don’t Charge In

It is straightforward, to begin with, with a few noteworthy details concerning the different character varieties in Valorant. Duelists, controllers, sentinels, and initiators are the different types of agents. Because Fade is an initiator, her abilities are focused on gathering information for her allies about the positions of foes so they can blindside and pin them there.

Given this, it is advised for Fade to attack from a distance rather than charging in. Give the team an advantage as they start to move in on a site by using their abilities to find where enemies are. Despite the fact that this is the ideal strategy, she was shown storming in on a location with the powers in her gameplay reveal video.

Fade Is One of The best Spike Handlers

Another note on attacking Fade is that she can be a useful choice for holding onto the spike. While there are many characters, particularly controllers, who commonly find themselves with the spike for a variety of reasons, Fade can be a particularly useful candidate.

Her seize ability can delay enemies from reaching the spike and defusing, and her blind ability is particularly useful in situations where she knows which direction enemies are approaching from. With her ult, Nightfall, she can make it incredibly difficult for enemies to advance on a site while time runs down on the bomb. This can be particularly useful on the newest map, Fracture.

Nightfall Has Limited Range

Fade’s ult skill Nightfall has a limited range, despite how it may seem. If you activate it close by, players may easily cover the entire site, and this is typically the ideal activation technique. The ideal application of this skill is to clear out a site, defend a spike, or defend a site when specific opponents are approaching from a particular angle.

In one of the scenarios mentioned above, the Nightfall ability can be a fantastic way to flush out an entire team because it will deafen, degrade, and label foes on the map. These skills are pretty different from anything else seen in the game to date, so don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get used to them. They would also make for a fantastic and horrifying scenario on television.

Best & Worst Maps for Fade

Fade can get a lot of use out of Prowler on smaller-scale maps, enabling her to effortlessly clear angles and corners. The all-seeing eye Haunt can affix to rooftops and provide information about a significant portion of any place.


  • Ascent
  • Haven
  • Bind


  • Breeze

And that should be it. If you want to learn more about other agents as well, check our Agent Guide List




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