VALORANT: How to Play Breach

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Breach, the bionic Initiator Agent, has the power to interrupt battles with his explosive prowess instantly. Learn how to master the stronghold of Sweden here.

Breach is your man if you’re searching for someone to take on Valorant angles that most Agents can’t. The Initiator is the excellent Agent if you want to put the adversary on the back foot because of how much he offers for pushing adversaries back.

But what gives Breach such strength? Which play style will the strong Agent best compliment? We delve in and break everything down, including whether the ginger attacker can compete with other Initiators in the game.

Is Breach the Right Agent For You?


  • Is best use for flash and dash
  • He thrives in corridors and hallways, where his abilities, like Fault Lines and Rolling Thunder, can shut down the entire area.


  • He has to focus on a specific line of sight (LOS) to use any of his abilities.
  • If enemies knew where you are, they can easily bait Breach’s abilities and hit him from another angle.

Breach Abilities


EQUIP a fusion charge. FIRE the charge to set a slow-acting burst through the wall. The burst does heavy damage to anyone caught in its area.


EQUIP a blinding charge. FIRE the charge to set fast-acting burst through the wall. The charge detonates to blind all players looking at it.

Fault Line

EQUIP a seismic blast. HOLD FIRE to increase the distance. RELEASE to set off the quake, dazing all players in its zone and a line up to the zone.

ULTIMATE – Rolling Thunder

EQUIP a seismic charge. FIRE to send a cascading quake through all terrain in a large cone. The quake dazes and knocks up anyone caught in it.

The Road to A Breach Main

Flash and Dash

Breach excels at the traditional flash-and-dash FPS shooting mechanics, where his skill resides.

With three consecutive explosions that each do 60 damage and no damage decay, Aftershock also has a sizable blast radius. Using Aftershock at precise spots is advantageous to eliminate adversaries camped out in corners or at odd angles. Players must examine all possible vantage points to prevent a crossfire before peeking at an opponent.

The main goal of having Breach on your squad is to surprise your adversaries with a torrent of flashes and drive them away so you can take over the spot. When the site is yours, you can position yourself in particular locations and maintain flashing or concussing to thwart the Retake.

The main piece of advice is to add peeks after those concussions and flashes. The utility is useless unless you peep on the opponent with a buddy. This technique is very effective when attacking and very profitable while defending.

Breach cannot get halfway across the map and launch Molotov for post-plant line-ups, but he can still hold a site by himself or seize it while launching an offensive with skillfully used abilities.

The Right Angle Can Win You Rounds

You have all the tools you could need with Breach to help you infiltrate a site or retake one. While the rest of the team cleans up the debris, he can stand back and use flashes and stuns to push adversaries out of corners.

But it doesn’t imply he can’t handle himself on the entry. You can flash, stun, and blow out corners by yourself after enough experience without exerting much effort. It’s essential to aim your flashes, though, as you might need to switch up where you flash every round to catch adversaries off guard.

Although they may catch more foes if thrown high, it is simpler to dodge. Throwing them on the ground can also be effective, although fewer people will be caught. You may quickly gain site access after you master the angles to flash several spots, placing them precisely in the corner.
The actors of Fault Line and Rolling Thunder are seven meters away from you, so you have to be cautious of opponents that could be lurking around corners. If you use your stun too near to them, you can miss them.

Best & Worst Maps for Breach

On Fracture, Breach is a damaging annoyance. His Fault Line and Flashpoint skills are powerful defensive deterrents that can buy time for Breach’s teammates to rotate, and they can assist open up either side from any angle. On Fracture, Rolling Thunder is a fantastic ultimate. However, without the added corners in Bind, it doesn’t allow his Aftershock to do the damage it’s capable of.


  • Ascent
  • Fracture


  • Breeze

And that should be it. If you want to learn more about other agents as well, check our Agent Guide List




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