Valorant for Beginners – Is Valorant a hard game to play?

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Valorant can be a challenging game to play, especially for those who are new to the first-person shooter (FPS) genre or have limited experience playing competitive games. The game requires a combination of skills, including strategic thinking, precise aim, quick reflexes, and effective teamwork.

In Valorant, players must work together to outmaneuver and outshoot their opponents in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment. The game also has a steep learning curve, with various agents to master, weapons to learn, and maps to navigate.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about Valorant for beginners.

Like any other FPS game, Valorant relies heavily on your aim and situational awareness. This game is not difficult to learn, but it takes a long time to master. Fortunately, there are some definite techniques to improve over time. Let’s go over the two most important parts of the game to understand.


Valorant’s primary game modes are “Unrated” and “Competitive” play. Both modes are plant/defuse-based and follow the same game rules. Two teams of five players take turns attempting to plant or prevent the planting of a bomb (spike).

The two sides are:

  • Attackers: Win by eliminating all defenders or by putting the spike and successfully defending against attackers defusing it. The spike can only be planted in specific places at the explosive site.
  • Defenders: Victory is achieved by eliminating all attackers, guarding the bomb sites by preventing attackers from plating the spike in 100 seconds, or defusing the spike.

The main distinction is that unrated games are more relaxed, but competitive games are more intense because they determine your competitive rank. To win, you must win 13 rounds of alternating attacks and defenses, with the 12th round of each game switching sides.


Before beginning Valorant ranked play, it is advised that all Valorant beginners play for at least 200 hours. This would imply investing at least 40 hours in 5 distinct Agents.

Valorant agents

There are presently 20 Valorant agents, each with unique skills. Yet, while many skills are unique, there is a handful that has similar effects. Flashes, blindness, concussions, and susceptibility are all common side effects.

Flashes will turn the player’s screen white, with the duration mostly determined by the position of the flash. The flash will have the most impact on players when it is immediately on their screen. In contrast, if the flash is activated in the player’s line of sight but behind or to the side of them, they will only be struck briefly.

Nearsights significantly reduce the vision range of affected players. An enemy who has been blinded can only see a limited distance ahead of them, although they can see the overall location of enemy fire outside the range.

Concussion will make the target’s screen slightly distorted, their audio will be affected, and their fire rate/movement will be reduced.

Vulnerable targets will take double damage for the duration of their vulnerability.

Mastering an Agent takes time and effort. Each agent has a distinct play style and approaches each map from a different perspective. This implies that for each of them, you must learn how to play and behave in a certain match. The maps are the same, but the overall strategy for playing them is determined by the Agent you choose.

To get a better understanding of each Valorant agent, you can check here.

Valorant for Beginners – Three Important Tips

Turning away in response to flashes is the greatest approach to counteract them. This, however, necessitates a quick reaction time as well as fitness. This is especially true on the defender’s side, as adversaries are practically certain to appear at vital entrance points. Understanding this, newbies should avoid these points and only peak after the flashes have activated.

When you are nearsighted, you have two options: push up or run away. Moving up to take a closer position will help you to keep your view as adversaries approach. Alternatively, if you are blinded, you can fly around the corner and wait it out. When you are nearsighted, you should never sit inactively.

Concussions put you at a significant disadvantage in gunfights. It is best to use your skills to prevent foes from pushing you, allowing you to recover from the debuff. If you end up concussed behind the cover, try to wait out the ability before flashing your hand.

Valorant for Beginners – What’s the Best Way to Practice?

Shooting range: In the shooting range, Valorant includes an in-game aim training game. It has three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. The shooting range will principally assist you in honing your flicks (moving your mouse from one point to another quickly).

Aimlab: One of several games that can help you improve your response time and aim is Aimlab. This game has several modes that can help you practice your flicks, tracking, and accuracy.

Custom: Playing a Valorant custom game by yourself or with a companion can significantly increase your agent mastery. Customs allows you to learn line-ups in the least amount of time feasible by enabling exploits such as limitless abilities.

That being said, with practice, dedication, and a willingness to learn, anyone can improve their skills and become a successful Valorant player. The game also offers various training modes and resources to help players develop their abilities and improve their gameplay.

Overall, while Valorant can be challenging to play, it is also rewarding and satisfying when you start to see improvement in your gameplay and achieve success in matches.

So, is Valorant a hard game to play?

Let us know what you think.

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