Top 5 Valorant Agents for Patch 6.03

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Do you want to know who are the top 5 Valorant agents of patch 6.03? We’ve got you covered with our own list choosing the best 5 Valorant agents to use in the meta right now.

Valorant mixes a wide cast of characters known as Agents within a high-fidelity tactical shooter. While most players aim to perfect specific Agents, knowing which one is the most powerful in the current metagame is much more vital.

Choosing the most appropriate Agents based on the meta will undoubtedly offer you an advantage in Riot’s tactical shooter. Following the release of Valorant’s ninth map in Episode 6 Act 1, each Agent’s performance on each map has become even more important in determining the outcome of a match.

But, in order to know what’s going on with each Agent, you must stay up to date on all new updates. Given that this can be challenging, we have developed this article for you to check out the Top 5 agents of the current meta.

The Best Agents of Patch 6.03



While Reyna is no longer what she once was due to significant nerfs in recent patches, the Duelist is still an excellent choice for those looking for action.

With fewer charges of her Devour and Dismiss, she can’t be as aggressive because the harm is now permanent. At the very least, the souls now drop even when assisting, rather than just killing.

She’s still very good for the selfish at heart, without a question, and can easily give you a solid game if you know how to use her.



Fade, being the last Initiator to enter the ranks in Valorant, has been a game changer since her arrival in patch 4.08. Fade’s initiation talents, paired with her blinding and lockdown abilities, propel her to the top agent from the start.

The Agent’s skills, designed with a Fear theme, can make anyone feel afraid when Fade is in a match. Having displaced Sova as the go-to Initiator in Valorant, it appears that the Agent will remain at the top of the list for the time being.

Although she isn’t a Duelist who can charge in for early frags and get away with it, Fade is more than capable of playing at a high speed using her tool set to suppress and hunt down foes.



Jett had held the top rank for a long time, and even the recent nerfs in patch 4.08 are not enough to remove her as one of the most reliable agents in the game. Riot first nerfed her Blade Storm, then her Cloudburst, and finally her entire kit in Episode 3. The nerfs, however, were insufficient. Riot attacked Jett again after VCT Masters Berlin, this time disabling the right click on her Blade Storm and one of her smokes.

Despite all of the nerfs, Jett remained at the top of the Valorant meta. She is an excellent offensive and defensive player. She can create space for the team offensively while also being a good Operator and/or aggressive pusher on defense. Her Ultimate may also win eco rounds where opponents may engage in less-than-ideal engagements during anti-ecos where a Blade Storm kill nets a teammate the enemy’s weapon.



Killjoy is now the most powerful Sentinel, and maybe the most powerful agent in VALORANT. This was due to recent changes and massive Chamber nerfs. Apart from Breeze and Bind, she’s pretty much a must-pick on all maps.

Killjoy’s abilities extend far beyond the scope of her Sentinel position. While her talents make her one of the most effective Agents on defense, she can also be incredibly useful on offense. Her Nanoswarm grenade may be quite effective early in the round – even if not triggered, it provides crucial area denial. The same is true for post-plants.


Sova has become one of Valorant’s best intel-gathering Agents since the Cypher nerfs. Certainly, he’s a complicated character, but putting in the effort to master him will be well worth it.

The Agent offers a unique technique for gathering intelligence by mastering some lineups using Sova’s bolts. His Owl Drone, on the other hand, is not to be overlooked, as it allows for an ideal entry into a site when combined with an ally directly behind it.

At lower ranks, there are fewer people shooting his utility, thus it has significantly more worth, and at higher ranks, with more coordination, his utility supplements regularly played duelists nicely. Sova is also an excellent character for solo clutches and late-round effects on the team.

Do you agree with our picks?

Who do you think is the best Valorant agent in Patch 6.03?

Let us know in the comment down below.




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