Top 5 Valorant Agents for Beginners

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Guides - Valorant, Valorant

Valorant features a wide agent roster for inexperienced players who require little work. Because of this, they are ideal for newer players trying to learn the game. This article will examine five agents to determine the greatest and most valuable for a new player in 2023.

The game has a challenging learning curve. While the basic concept of five-player teams planting or defending against a timed bomb is straightforward, there are other subtleties involved in improving in-game. Many of the agents that players can select to play demand a significant amount of practice before becoming accustomed to their talents and style. So without further adieu, here are the top 5 Valorant agents for beginners.



Killjoy has a wide selection of tools that will make it easy to secure a bombsite. When defending, put your turret and grenades in the same lane so you may activate the molly when your turret makes contact. Use the alarm bot to protect your flanks. The Ult can be used to postpone site advancements.


KAY/O is a straightforward agent. Consider him a CS: GO player with two flashes, one knife that disables enemy agents’ skills, and a powerful grenade. Use him to help your colleagues in gunfights, to keep the opposition from advancing on that location, and to transform into a killing machine that suppresses enemies and has a faster fire rate.

While this agent appears to be more accountable for the team’s well-being than others, KAY-talents O’s do not have the same steep learning curve as other initiators. So, if this is the suitable role for a new player, KAY-O is a terrific place to start learning the role.



Reyna is another duelist with self-healing and great fragging powers. Kills and blinding opponents with a form of blind that doesn’t even blind allies are immensely useful, and Reyna is often regarded as an overpowering character who is both easy to learn and difficult to play against. Riot is constantly changing things to prevent agents from becoming too powerful.

While Reyna is a highly sought-after agent, she is a tremendous asset to any squad and is really simple to understand. Reyna is an excellent choice for beginner players searching for a character to learn that will be quite useful on the competitive stage.



Brimstone comes in handy a lot in this game. His smokes can aid with your escape, conceal your entry, and so forth; his molly can cause significant damage and impede site entry. His stim beacon can boost your movement and firing speed, and his Ult can be utilized to win and defuse delays. One of the easiest agents to learn and master for beginners.

Brim’s ultimate ability is a rain of fire that kills foes trapped in it, and it is critical for inexperienced players to understand how to use it appropriately, such as stopping enemies from defusing the spike at crucial periods. Aside from that, Brim’s smokes are simple to use, and novice players may rapidly learn maps by looking at his smoke-placing interface. This allows you to quickly learn a lot about Valorant. Brim is another character with an intriguing past that could be featured in future Netflix episodes like Arcane.



Sage is an almost necessary member of competitive teams because of her healing powers, which are practically unequaled in terms of how beneficial they are to a team. While Sentinels are often utilized to close down regions and be defensive, Sage is best used to remain back behind the main lines and heal teammates.

This makes it simple to see the game and become acquainted with it, while later learning how to slow down attackers with slow orbs and protective barriers. Sage’s ultimate power is to resurrect a teammate, and when this is accessible, simply staying alive is critical. New players may not get a lot of kills right away with Sage, but they can still be extremely beneficial to their squad.

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