The best duelists on Valorant map Sunset

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In this article, let’s take a look at the best Duelist on the new map Sunset.

Duelists are the most important people in any agent group because they lead the charge.

These agents are very important for getting those all-important entry frags because they have skills that let them play aggressively. This makes it easier for their friends to do the same.

When teams play Sunset, they rely on their duelists to open up opportunities. So, it’s important to have a duelist with powerful skills and the ability to move quickly across the map.

Here is a list of the best duelists on Valorant map Sunset that you should know about.


Valorant Yoru

Yoru is the wild card in Sunset. He takes advantage of the map’s many gaps and chances to attack.

The Blindside flash of Yoru can throw off defenders, opening up quick kills, and the Fakeout fake can confuse and distract his opponents. Yoru loves surprises, which makes him a troublemaker on Sunset.

VALORANT: How to Play Yoru

With Dimensional Drift, he can sneak deep into enemy territory and call out where the enemy team is. Guards should also keep an eye on Yoru’s side because he could teleport back to his Gatecrash orb or leave his ultimate behind enemy lines.

Go to the middle tiles and line up his gate crash with the middle top when you hit. To surprise and confuse defenses, throw a mix of Yoru’s Fakeout and Blindside toward the mid-top and use his Gatecrash.

Pair Yoru’s teleport with a trigger ability like Sova’s Owl Drone or Skye’s Trailblazer to improve your chances of taking control of Mid. This should make the guards run away. When you take Mid control, the guards will split up, and your team can choose to push the A or B site.


Valorant Phoenix

Phoenix is a capable duelist on Sunset thanks to his fiery agent skills. Curveball flash and Blaze wall smoke can clear out corners and block enemy lines of sight, giving his team important entry points.

When he throws his Hot Hands molly at corner players, he can clear them from far away.

VALORANT: How to Play Phoenix

Phoenix’s Run it Back ultimate is his most powerful tool as an agent. With this power, he can make guards use all of their skills on your first attempt to get in. It’s especially helpful that it only needs six ultimate orbs, so your team can use it more than once in each half.

In Sunset, controller agents are very useful because they can block many lines of sight. Phoenix is good at dueling, and smokes can help him get closer. He can also use them as cover and flash his curveball when he gets close, instead of just throwing them through corners.


Valorant Neon

Neon is a great choice for Sunset’s changing environment because she is both mobile and useful. Her Fastlane wall smoke can hide her team and block enemy lines of sight, making it easier for them to attack or protect.

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Her High Gear sprint gives her superior mobility, which lets her quickly move around the map and catch enemies off guard. Neon’s Relay Bolt stun might not be the best for getting out of corners, but it’s great for covering ground and getting around opponents.

She can catch defenders who are slow to run away when she joins her skills with those of an initiator agent, like Sova’s Recon Bolt and Owl Drone or Fade’s Haunt or Prowler.

Sunset’s layout is great for spies like Neon who can move quickly through the area. If you know your way around the game well, you can use Sunset’s shortcuts to get behind the enemy team.


Vallorant Jett

On Sunset, Jett mains should change how they play to focus on coordinated attacks and strategic placement to get the most out of their duelist.

Jett can block the enemy team’s line of sight with her Cloudburst smokes and give her team a way in by using her Tailwind dash to get around the enemy team’s utility on Sunset’s A and B sites.

Understanding Valorant Roles

Jett can surprise defenders and make vertical sightlines that most other duelists can’t when she uses her Blade Storm ultimate with Updraft.

Because she can act as an agent, Jett is still a good choice for Sunset because she is the best Operator user of all the duelists.


Valorant Raze

Raze is the best duelist on Sunset because she is the most powerful. Her Paint Shells can push enemies out of their hiding places, making it hard for defenders to stay put.

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Her Boom Bot can also scout tight areas, showing where defenders are and putting more pressure on the other team. With her Blast Pack satchels, she can go a long way, which lets her move quickly through mid.

Because Sunset has so many tight choke points, her Showstopper ultimate has a good chance of killing more than one person. Raze’s skills are great at messing up defensive sets and giving her team chances to take control.




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