The best controller agents in Lotus

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Lotus is the only map other than Haven to feature three spike sites.

It was created with a concept of exhilarating adventure and is set in the Indian Western Ghats. The rock-cut architecture, which was inspired by Indiana Jones, creates several routes and hallways that lead to each of the spike locations.

Both attackers and defenders have a lot of movement possibilities in the map Lotus. Additionally, it introduces a few fresh gameplay elements including silent drops, destructible walls, and spinning doors.

As you explore the wonders of this forgotten city, have a look at the best controller agents in Lotus


Astra, a controller from Ghana, ought to feel at ease on Lotus. all able to deliver smokes worldwide across all three locations could be quite useful, especially for teams that depend heavily on default plays.

She may, for instance, play at C Mound during an attack while still assisting her side in gaining control of A-Main with a Nebula smoke. A Main offers snipers a particularly oppressive sightline, therefore cutting it off might help your squad gain valuable ground.

She may use the numerous small choke spots going into B site for defensive purposes, halting quick advances with a deftly positioned Gravity Well or Nova Pulse.


Harbor has a number of vision-blocking skills that may divide up the map during an attack and help his squad advances, such as High Tide and Cascade.

He has a respectable amount of attack power, and the merciful 40-second cooldown on High Tide—which begins as soon as you activate the ability—means that he will soon be ready to use it once again. High Tide may have the edge over Viper’s Toxic Screen because it may be bent and deployed in another location.

This gives you a lot of options during each round in case you wish to change directions and aim for a new place.

On defense, however, Harbor’s inadequacies became painfully clear. His kit still doesn’t have the stalling power that other controllers have, thus he’ll have trouble slowing down opponents on his own.


The main advantage of Omen is his rechargeable Dark Cover smokes. He may teleport behind A Rubble or smoke off A Main repeatedly to put pressure on defenders.

He could also utilize his Paranoia flash to cover his crew as they pass through the rotating doors on the map.

Additionally, the contained structure of most spike placements, especially B and C, may play to Paranoia’s advantages and make dodging more challenging.


Since her Toxic Screen wall may obscure numerous sightlines at once, Viper often performs best on big, wide maps like Breeze.

Lotus is the complete opposite. Despite the large expanse of the map, each location has a modest number of plant sites and is often enclosed.

Toxic Screens may be cleverly applied in defense to block numerous paths. She can close off both A Main and B sites when positioned in the B site. She may also utilize her Poison Cloud smoke to create a one-way smoke on the ledge at C Main, giving opponents pause.

On assault, however, things become quite challenging, especially because Viper is unable to take up and reposition her barricade. Toxic Screen offers no advantage over conventional dome smoke due to the modest size of each location.


One of Lotus’s least effective controllers is Brimstone. He will find it difficult to strike a balance between his team’s desire to seize early map control and committed executions with only three Sky Smokes.

Additionally, His Sky Smokes don’t recharge. He won’t be able to re-smoke important sightlines if things don’t go as planned, which is severe on a battlefield this big.

Additionally, he has a huge disadvantage against an agent like Astra due to the Sky Smokes’ restricted range. Astra is free to wander about the map as she pleases, while Brimstone must position himself according to where his smokes are required.

And those were the best controller agents in Lotus.

Do you agree with our list?

Who do you think are the best controller agents in Lotus?

Let us know in the comments down below.




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