Statikk Shiv LeBlanc, League’s new meta-defining pick

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Guides - League of Legends, League of Legends

In patch 13.10, the Statikk Shiv was brought back into League of Legends, however, this time it was designed to be used as an ADC item. However, pro players have found that if LeBlanc purchases the Statikk Shiv, she can become one of the most powerful mid laners in League of Legends.

Even though a significant number of the item alterations included in League of Legends patch 13.10 were designed to benefit ADCs, the way the meta actually developed was not at all what most people anticipated it would be.

Trinity Force, an item that was changed to affect other roles, became popular enough to shift the meta in bot lane. Out of all the things to build on ADCs, it was Trinity Force that was adjusted to influence other roles. In the meantime, the Statikk Shiv has graduated from its role as an ADC to assume its current function as a mid lane burst item.

LeBlanc stands out as the champion who benefits the most from the item, despite the fact that people have been testing it out on a number of different champions.

Why are pros building Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc?

Even if the Statikk Shiv is not a Mythic item just yet, it is still the item that is purchased first for this champion. This is a crucial fact to keep in mind. Whereas the majority of AP mid laners are identified by their choice of Mythic item, mostly between Rod of Ages, Liandry’s Anguish, and Everfrost, LeBlanc players are known for their ability to think creatively and beyond the box.

Off the heels of this new design, LeBlanc has apparently emerged overnight as a first pick and first ban candidate in the mid lane position. In solo queue, mid laners from all around the world have been putting it through its paces, and it has maintained a significant presence in the LEC ever since it was introduced. Even well-known players like Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon are known to engage in this strategy.

Statikk The damage that Shiv deals to champions typically accounts for 20-30% of LeBlanc’s overall damage against champions towards the end of professional matches. Considering that LeBlanc is a champion that is mainly focused on dealing burst damage, this provides a significant boost to her ability to kill her opponents. LeBlanc’s dashes grant her an additional stack of Shiv’s passive ability, allowing her to activate it more than once during a single skirmish.

In addition to this, it affords her some excellent wave clear and makes it easier for her to sidelane. Since LeBlanc’s wave clear has traditionally been less effective than that of some of her contemporaries, the acquisition of a tool that enables her to compete on an equal footing with them is an enormously beneficial development for her in general.

Statikk Shiv Leblanc build and runes

When it comes to the builds that are being used in solo queue matches by professionals, the Night Harvester and the Ludens are neck and neck in terms of popularity. In the end, we decided to go with Night Harvester because that’s what Faker is mostly working on constructing and because, well… It’s Faker. Nevertheless, everyone starts by constructing a Statikk Shiv, so make sure that you choose to participate in that process early on.

Statikk Shiv Leblanc build and runes

From that vantage point, Lich Bane is the best option. Since you’re going to be mixing in auto-attacks anyhow in order to make the most of Statikk Shiv, adding some added damage to your combos will provide you with even more burst damage. Build whatever more you consider to be necessary outside of those three essential components. It’s possible that Rabadon’s and Mejai’s are the best for snowballing, that Shadowflame and Void Staff are the best possibilities for dealing damage and that Zhonya’s is the best choice if you’re seeking some defensive.

Statikk Shiv Leblanc build and runes

While this is going on, the rune page that LeBlanc has seems more like something you would see on an ADC run. As a result of her ability, Fleet Footwork, which grants her even greater mobility and also grants her some healing, is a nuisance to deal with at any point in the game. The ability “Presence of Mind” refills your mana pool, “Alacrity” is the greatest Legendary option on the tree by default, and “Coup de Grace” increases the likelihood that she will obtain a perfect score against her opponent.

In terms of secondary runes, it is currently unknown whether the Sorcerer tree’s Manaflow Band and Scorch or the Inspiration tree’s Magical Footwear and Biscuits will prove to be more advantageous. Both of these choices are good ones.

Make use of the item now while it still has a significant benefit, as it is unknown for how much longer the Statikk Shiv will be allowed to operate without restriction.




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