Silent Winds Blow North – an LOR Deck Review

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Deck list for Silent Winds Blow North


Greetings! Kairux here once again for another Legends Of Runeterra deck review. Today, I will be reviewing the deck that brought me out of Platinum this current season – Silent Winds Blow North. I was stuck in Platinum for around a week after Season Of Fortune started. The climb was not going well; I was also doing a lot of deck testing since the balance patch brought about the creation of new decks in the meta resulting in me making a lot of errors due to the lack of familiarity with the decks that I am using.

In comes Silent Winds Blow North. The deck runs smoothly and its concept is not very difficult to grasp, making it easy to pilot. I went on a hot win streak that carried me from Platinum to Diamond in no time. With that in mind, I want to share this fantastic deck with you guys.

Let’s get started.

Deck Overview

Silent Wind Blows North is a Freljord-Ionia Aggro deck that uses Elusive units to hit your opponent’s Nexus fast and hard. Its specialty is swarming the board with units and buffing their attacks to apply offensive pressure. Silent Wind Blows North also trades exceptionally well because of the Burst buffs from both Freljord and Ionia, enabling them to fight against bulky early game drops. One of my favorite things about this deck is that you can use Omen Hawk’s summon ability repeatedly due to Navori Conspirator’s play requirement. Getting 2 or 3 Omen Hawk buffs on 2 or 3 units, especially if you got it on Zed or any Elusive unit, will definitely give your opponent a headache. Not only that but this combo can be done in the first few turns of the game and having a good foundation like this definitely gives you an upper hand.


You would want to have a hand with a good mana curve for your starting hand to produce consistent pressure throughout the early game. Cards like Omen Hawk, Navori Conspirator, Greenglade Duo, and a Burst buff card are good to have. You also would like to have certain cards on your starting hand for certain matchups. Concussive Palm and Will Of Ionia are good against decks with big mid-game drops such as Vimerdinger Control and Darius-based Aggro decks. Deny is helpful against Control decks with big tide-turning spells such as Life In Death’s The Ruination and The Harrowing.

This deck’s main win condition is by using your buffed Elusive units to deal massive damage to your opponent’s Nexus. The aforementioned buffs can either be from Omen Hawk, Burst buffs, Keeper Of Masks, or Windfarer Hatchling. Omen Hawk is usually a staple on most Freljord decks. Burst buffs are there to keep your Elusive units alive and to enable trading without losing your units. Dropping Keeper Of Masks on a board with a decent amount of units will increase your damage output by a substantial amount. Windfarer Hatchling is mostly used for a huge late-game push to end the game.

Early Game

In the early game, focus on dealing as much damage as you can. Use the Omen Hawk – Navori Conspirator combo to repeatedly buff units from your deck. Managing a +2/+2 on an Elusive unit or Zed will give your opponent a headache because removing those units will be quite difficult. Greenglade Duo is another key piece for your offensive throughout the game so do not let it die easily. It has good synergy with Kinkou Wayfinder and they can deal a good chunk of damage on a turn 4 or 5 offensive. Kinkou Wayfinder also synergizes well with Keeper Of Masks as the former fills the board with units and the latter buffs them for a turn. You can deal a bit of damage with this, especially if your opponent’s board has fewer units than you.

Late Game

The general strategy is the same for the mid and late game. Deal damage using your Elusive units. Push hard post-turn 7 using Windfarer Hatchling. Use Concussive Palm and Will Of Ionia to prevent units with big damage from reaching you. Use Deny for removals against your essential units or spells that can win them the game. That’s about it.

Tech Options

> Retreat – since most of our units here in the deck are 3 mana and below, this could be useful to re-trigger different play effects. Can also be used to save important units from removal spells.

> Kinkou Lifeblade – a really good card against Aggro matchups especially when buffed.

> Jeweled Protector – bulky mid-game drop who buffs units in hand. Can be played with Zed

> Dawn and Dusk – a bit gimmicky, but can be a destructive force when it connects with Elusive units especially Greenglade Duo or Zed

> Battle Fury – unexpected burst finisher

Deck Matchups

vs. Aggro

Moderate matchup. Aggro decks will definitely have a bit more damage than Silent Winds Blow North at the early stages of the game. The advantage of this deck over Aggro decks is that its units are Elusive so our units will mostly be free to attack. If they drop big units such as Basilisk Rider or Darius, the deck has Concussive Palm and Will Of Ionia. This also works when your opponent buffs an unblocked unit. You can out damage Aggro decks in the midgame through the use of board swarming and Burst buffs so make sure to capitalize on this deck’s combos by then.

vs. Midrange

Easy to moderate matchup. Midrange decks rarely carry removal cards and if they do, they will only be packing a few. With this in mind, setting up on the board will not be too difficult. Deal as much damage as you can before they can drop key units in the mid to late game like Sejuani, who can easily target and remove one of your priority units. Zed will be difficult to use in the mid-game as you will constantly need to buff him in order for him to survive a Midrange deck’s midgame units so I suggest focusing on your Elusive units for your offensive instead.

vs. Control

Moderate to difficult. The difficulty of this matchup may vary. Sometimes, you can get relatively easy wins from Control decks because you drew enough units and Burst buffs to make them survive the flurry of removal spells coming your way. Other times, you can’t even get an attack off because they just catch you every single time. In this matchup, the Omen Hawk – Navori Conspirator combo can be especially helpful since it makes our units more resilient so they stick on the board longer. Removing them will take a bit more juice, which can be detrimental for the opponent later on in the game.


Silent Winds Blow North is a good deck to climb the ladder with. It has enough firepower and flexibility to go against most meta decks at the moment. The deck is also fun to play as there are many interesting interactions and combos that you can do. It is one of my most favorite decks to use in my ranked climb at the moment.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here.

Until the next post. Ciao!








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