Scouts – a Miss Fortune-Quinn Deck – an LOR Deck Review

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Deck List for Scouts


Hello there! Kairux here once again for another Legends of Runeterra Deck Review. Today, I will be reviewing a Midrange deck that has been around for quite some time. It is a strong and consistent deck as it has been top-tier since the release of the Bilgewater expansion. Patch 1.6 left the cards in this deck practically untouched, helping it reach the highest win-rate across all servers among the games recorded by Mobalytics for a few weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Scouts – a Miss Fortune-Quinn Midrange Deck.

Deck Overview

Scouts is a Midrange deck that utilizes units with the Scout keyword to attack more than once per attacking turn. These units synergize well with Miss Fortune and Quinn because of these Champions’ level-up requirements. Another notable feature of this deck is the limited number of spell cards that can be found in most of its variations. This is due to the fact that this deck relies on overpowering the opponent with units that have high base stats and at the same time having buffing options for the said units for strong finishes.

Scouts is quite a simple and straightforward deck to play. Maximize Miss Fortune’s ability through the use of Scouts. She’s super strong if she gets flipped. Quinn will serve as her support. Try to conserve your units on the board as much as possible. Buff them using either Vanguard Bannerman, Cithria the Bold, or Genevieve Elmheart for a devastating turn. These are the key things you need to remember when playing this deck.


Playing along the mana curve is ideal for Scouts so try to get 1, 2, and 3-drops for your starting hand. Cithria of Cloudfield, Jagged Butcher, and Fleetfeather Tracker are all solid turn 1 drops as they can bring in early game pressure. Fleetfeather Tracker is especially good when paired with War Chefs because the pair can deal 5 damage at turn 2 unblocked or take out an early game threat using the former’s Challenger ability.

You may or may not drop Miss Fortune at turn 3, depending on the matchup. Try to bait out some removals before you place her down on the board. Otherwise, she is a really good turn 3 drop because of her passive ability, and placing her on the board early means you can flip her early if she survives long enough. Petty Officer is a good alternative 3-drop as he can summon another unit on the board. This is particularly strong especially if you follow it up with a turn 4 Vanguard Bannerman, getting that sweet +1/+1 on all of your units on the board.

As mentioned in the previous section, Miss Fortune’s ability is maximized through the usage of Scouts. Her ability Love Tap is good against low-health units while dealing chip damage to your opponent’s Nexus. In this deck, we have 3 Scout units: Grizzled Ranger, Quinn, and Genevieve Elmheart. Grizzled Ranger is a good turn 4-drop; killing him and the Loyal Badgerbear that comes after him can be quite bothersome for your opponent. Summoning Quinn gets you Valor, who can challenge a unit that can threaten Quinn for her to get off an attack. Genevieve Elmheart can do a great amazing push when dropped and is a threat to priority targets that have 5 Health and below.

Tech Options

> Laurent Protege – 3-drop challenge unit. He’s quite bulky and he synergizes well with Miss Fortune. Used to get rid of some smaller early game units for board advantage

> Relentless Pursuit – get more attacks in a single turn. You can run 1 or 2 copies of this

> Citrus Courier – heals your Nexus and board and provides an additional attack. Provides good offensive pressure especially if you have board control

Deck Matchups

Good Against

> Plunder Miss Fortune-Sejuani – Most of Scouts’ units will outvalue the units of Plunder decks which means it trading against it will be easier. Plunder decks also do not carry removal spells most of the time, save for Make It Rain, which works to Scouts’ advantage. Be wary of Fury Of The North when trading and your opponent has 4 mana available. Sejuani can also be a headache once turn 6 hits so you might want to play around that.

> Deep Maokai-Nautilus – Deep decks take a while to set up. Take advantage of that by building up your board steadily. Vile Feast and Withering Wail will not be as effective against Scouts but be wary of Grasp Of The Undying as it can take out Miss Fortune easily. The Ruination is probably the card that you have to watch out for the most because it can easily wipe your board out, leaving you in shambles. Try to finish the game by around turn 6 or 7 because once that Nautilus drops along with those Sea Monsters, you will have a hard time winning.

> Mushrooms Teemo-Sejuani – A similar case to Plunder’s matchup. Some variations of Mushrooms carry a few removal spells such as Thermogenic Beam and Mystic Shot so you might have a hard time setting up in the early game. Mushrooms also usually run Elixir Of Iron to help their early game units survive long enough for a proper setup. Get rid of Starlit Seer as soon as possible as it can definitely give you some trouble in the form of buffed-up units.

Bad Against

> Frostbite Ashe-Sejuani – An absolute nightmare to play against when you’re using Scouts. Frostbite shuts down all of your units. An Enraged Yeti at turn 4 will be very difficult to get rid of. Reckoning can wipe out almost all of your units in one go. When matched up against this deck, pray that they have a bad hand.

> Remembrance Thresh-Lux – A turn 3 Remembrance will be tough to deal with, especially if they get Vanguard Cavalry. Getting Remembrance off at 6 mana also means that Mageseeker Persuader and Mageseeker Inciter both get boosted, greatly outvaluing Scouts’ units at both their mana costs. Remembrance decks also carry removal spells to rid of priority cards and they can take a bit of damage with drain effects and Radiant Guardian. Overwhelm Remembrance decks by going for early game pressure. This deck usually does not drop a lot of units in the early game so take advantage of that. Try to end by midgame because Remembrance decks can replenish its Nexus’ health and Lux will be very troublesome to deal with once it reaches the late game.

> Control Twisted Fate-Swain – This deck is full of removal spells and stalling options. Ravenous Flock is especially dangerous since it can get rid of most of the units in Scouts for a measly 1 mana, provided that the requirement for its activation is met. Arachnoid Sentry not only satisfies this requirement, but it can also disable Scout units directly. Control TF-Swain also has multiple multi-target spells that can get rid of multiple units at once and using those with Powder Keg is especially deadly. When faced against this deck using Scouts, play reactively. Do not overcommit as Control TF-Swain has multiple tools to deal with your offensive.


Scouts is a simple and straightforward deck to play. Its goal is to win by overwhelming the board outvaluing your opponent’s units through sheer numbers and stats. It does not rely on spells. This deck has proved itself to be top tier as it remains strong and consistent even after multiple patches. I can’t wait to see how Scouts will perform in the inevitable meta shift once the Targon patch goes live.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here.

Until the next post. Ciao!


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