Rolling In The Deep – an LOR Deck Review

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Deck list for Rolling In The Deep


Hello! Kairux here once again for another deck review. Last time, we reviewed the deck with the highest win rate in the ladder. Today, we will be reviewing another top tier deck which is the Rolling In The Deep – a Sea Monsters Bilgewater + Shadow Isles deck. If you do not mind long games and you enjoy big finishes, then I highly recommend this deck for you. There are currently many versions of this deck on the ladder. I will be discussing these options and my thought process on which of these options should you put in your deck.

Let’s get right to it. 


Deck Overview

Rolling In The Deep is a midrange deck that relies on getting to the eponymous ‘Deep’ mechanic which occurs when your deck only has 15 cards remaining. It is important to note that even if your deck goes above 15 cards after you have gone Deep, it will not remove the status. 

The main win condition of this deck is to fill the board with beefy Sea Monsters once Deep has been achieved. In other words, you will need to go Deep in almost every game to win. Getting it is not difficult because of the tools present in the deck. However, the main problem lies in surviving the early and mid-game and having enough juice left to finish the game. This is where the variations and tech options of this deck come in – the cards that you will be teching in should depend on the decks you are facing in your current rank on the ladder.



Your starting mulligan should contain cards like Dreg Dredgers, Thorny Toad, and Deadbloom Wanderer. Depending on the matchup, you may want to also have Vile Feast and Jaull Hunters to get rid of troublesome units in the early game. 

For turns 1 to 3, dropping Dreg Dredgers, Thorny Toad, and Deadbloom Wanderer is optimal. Receiving damage in the early game is not a big deal as long as you can keep the Deadbloom Wanderer alive. Mist’s Call can provide good insurance for this unit so that it sticks in the board. A Mist’s Call reviving a Deadbloom Wanderer reactivates the card’s Toss 3 effect.

At turn 4, you can start trying to drop a Maokai on the board. Use the Sapling to deal some damage against the threats currently present on your opponent’s on the board. If Maokai survives for a few turns, it will be much easier to go Deep.

You can also start dropping your Sea Monsters at turn 4. For example, you can use Abyssal Eye to get additional draws and deal damage at the same time. Another example is using Devourer Of The Depths to eliminate threats on the board without destroying them. However, please take note that their bodies pre-Deep are bad so be careful when using them.

At turn 7, you need to carefully think about when to drop Nautilus. Dropping him at turn 7 unconditionally might get you countered, making you suffer a great tempo loss. Cards like Will Of Ionia and Vengeance can really ruin your day so try to play around these cards. However, if your opponent has no cards to take him out of the board, by the next turn you should have a board full of Sea Monsters gearing up to win on this or the next round.


Tech Options

There are multiple tech options available for this deck. I specifically use this set up to counter Burn Aggro decks in the ladder. I encountered a lot of these decks from Iron to Gold and even some in Platinum and Diamond. From my experience, the number of Burn Aggro users thinned out as I went up the ranks. Nonetheless, this setup works so as to give you safe passage in the early game until the mid-game so you can get to Deep without losing most of your Nexus’ health.

> Thresh – I saw a number of players adding Thresh in their Deep decks. Leveling him up in this deck is not that difficult due to Maokai and you using your units to block in the early to mid-game. Thresh can get you a free Nautilus without worrying about his cost, making him a viable option to place in your deck.

> The Ruination – A well-placed The Ruination can ruin your opponent’s day, most especially if they really have built their board up well. Can be played at turn 6 to reset the board and prepare it for a turn 7 Nautilus drop.

> Atrocity – A very viable card to add to your deck since you have units with big bodies after Deep. Adds an additional win condition.

> Shipwreck Hoarder – Amazing card in the late game once you have almost milled out your deck. The treasure cards it gives are amazing and they can deal severe blows to your opponent in the late game. 

> Vengeance – For hitting big threats that cannot be blocked by your smaller ones. 



> vs. Aggro – difficult to play against using Deep decks. To not lose too much HP in the early game, try to mulligan for Thorny Toad, Deadbloom Wanderer, Grasp Of The Undying, and Withering Wail. They disrupt aggro decks hard and they will keep you alive until you reach Deep. In most cases, its either they lose steam first and then lose by midgame or concede, or you cannot heal fast enough and die to their early game.

> vs. Control – it will all depend on how early you hit Deep. Hitting it before turn 7, you can easily unleash sticky Sea Monsters with their huge bodies and disrupt your opponent even without Nautilus’ help. Make sure to mulligan early game cards that can Toss. Pray that your Maokai survives at least two or three turns and if it does, you will be in a very good position.

> vs. Midrange – has similar elements to both Aggro and Control. This deck has the tools to deal with the early game units of midrange decks. Focus on getting to Deep while trading efficiently on the board. You will definitely lose most of your early units like this. Jaull Hunters and your removal spells can dispose of your opponent’s key units that do not usually attack. The earlier you get Deep, the better. Sea Monsters can definitely go toe-to-toe against big midrange units, and for a lower cost with Nautilus on the board. 



Rolling In The Deep is a strong deck that does overwhelming finishes. It will require your patience but if you succeed, the pay off is high. This is the deck setup that allowed me to get out of Gold and I played this a lot in Platinum. Playing around Aggro matchups, which is still very common in that rank bracket, can be very easy as opposed to the supposed difficulty of the matchup once you get the hang of it.

Time constraint is one of the downsides of playing this deck. The Deep deck’s games are usually long and after playing a couple of games using it can feel tedious at times. However, if you do not mind spending more time on each game, then by all means try this deck.   

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this.

Until the next post. Ciao! 



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