Ranking The Best Controller Agents on Valorant Pearl

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Even if you’re an experienced player, Valorant Pearl, the newest map, could take some getting used to.

On Mid, there are numerous winding passageways leading to both spike locations, so opponents could be waiting in any location for your team’s potential rotations. Additionally, both locations feature strong vantage positions that attackers and defenders alike should be aware of if they want to take the initiative.

For any team hoping to succeed on Pearl, choosing the proper controller agent who can block off specific areas of the map will be essential.

To help you be better ready for your next match, we’ve selected the top controller agents to play on Pearl.

5. Astra


The galaxy-brain Ghaniain agent’s pick rate significantly decreased as a result of her nerf in Valorant patch 4.04. The maximum amount of Stars Astra may have was decreased from five to four, which decreased her total utility. Her Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Star retrieval all have longer cooldowns.

It will be challenging to play Astra on Pearl because of these nerfs. She benefits from having a global reach because it allows her to smoke or use her Stars wherever she is on the map, but having just four Stars per round leaves a lot to be desired.

As she can quickly position herself to smoke off defensive points like A Link, A Flowers, B Hall, and B Tower, Astra performs best when attacking. She can also shock or drag opponents who frequently occupy areas held by Jett or the Chamber, which will help force them away from advantageous angles and prevent pick-offs.

She won’t have enough stars left to fend off opponents when they try to reclaim the area since all four stars are quickly used up on a site execution.

Due to her ability to use her Nova Pulse and Gravity Well to slow down assailants, Astra has more to offer in terms of defense. Her kit can only hold four Stars, therefore the other controller agents might be wiser given they have more options.

Despite this, Astra might still be useful as a secondary controller as more smokes can be added to her few stars.

4. Brimstone


The American controller, has restrictions on Pearl, much like he does with Astra. He is the only agent that can simultaneously drop three dome clouds of smoke while having only three Sky Smokes every round.

Brimstone, the attacker, can simultaneously smoke A Link, A Flowers, and A Secret to seize possession of the A site. As an alternative, he can prevent a B Site hit by blocking off B Hall, B Tower, and B Link. Because of his smokes’ short range, using them for defense could be challenging, but by staying in mid, he will be able to help defend both the A and B sites because his smokes will be in range.

Actually, it’s his Stim Beacon that gives him the advantage over Astra. Stim Beacon’s 15% speed boost is excellent for attackers who want to rush their target location. Additionally, it can help defenders rotate more quickly, which can catch attackers off guard.

Finally, players can use his Incendiary Molly and Orbital Strike Ultimate to drive opponents out of Pearl’s numerous small spots. Additionally, they are the best agent skills to have in post-plant settings.

3. Omen


This edgy controller has a lot of tricks for Pearl. The range of Omen’s Dark Cover smokes is greater than that of Brimstone’s Sky Smokes. His Dark Cover smokes also regenerate after 30 seconds, giving Omen more leeway to smoke again in the middle of a round even if the first execution fails.

The hooded controller is able to smoke the same areas as Astra, but she is unable to simultaneously smoke three areas, unlike Brimstone. However, Omen can hold unexpected angles on Pearl‘s many boxes using his Shrouded Step teleport. By pretending to teleport in a specific location, he can also take advantage of map corners. This will force opponents to clear all their corners, which could bait them out into the open.

The blinding orb in Omen’s Paranoia flash is also quite effective on both offense and defense because it has a respectable range and can pass through walls. This could be particularly helpful in the congested Mid lanes, where it will be challenging to avoid a well-placed Paranoia.

His From the Shadows ultimate can also be utilized to severely scare enemies. He may be anywhere on a map this huge. He can also use the most time-tested method known to Valorants, which involves taking the spike and teleporting to the other site. This will give him a big advantage because when defenders rotate, they have a long way to run.

2. Harbor

harbor valorant

Perhaps Pearl and Harbor are a strange union made in heaven. B Tower and B Hall can both be covered by High Tide when it is curved.

His wall, like Viper’s, can protect both A Main and Art when defending B site.

However, he’ll certainly require support from a second-dome smoker like Astra, especially on defense. He can’t assist his colleagues on the opposing side while defending because his skills don’t have enough stopping strength.

Valorant Pearl is the closest map that resembles the theme of Harbor. Given that it is literally underwater, some may argue that this very well could be his home.

The map shows several paths leading to the location, as well as big gaps like B-Long. Along with an Initiator like Fade, Harbor can be a fantastic Controller choice. They can readily defeat the defenders’ unhindered view. When opponents can shoot through thin walls or boxes at crucial points, Harbor’s Cove can play a significant role in getting the spike planted safely.

Harbor will undoubtedly be a very powerful agent on Pearl. As his vision block can protect important locations, he also has the site-entry abilities with Cove and Cascade.

His Cove can protect the squad because it can stop sprays that pierce smoke screens, and Valorant Pearl is a map that is susceptible to both planters and defusers.

Harbor and his team can easily enter or reclaim areas quite quickly whenever his Ultimate is prepared.

1. Viper


Viper, as a controller, brings a lot to agent compositions because she can use her Toxic Screen wall to block off several sightlines. She is also a hybrid agent that, like a sentinel, can stop rushes with the help of her two Snake Bite mollies.

The only controller that has a single utility, her Toxic Screen wall, that can block off both A Link and A Flowers is the American chemist. She can then smoke A Secret while pushing the A Site while using her Poison Cloud.

On a B site push, the same concept may be applied. By throwing her toxic screen wall from B Ramp to B Site, she may divide the site in half. B Tower, B Link, and a portion of B Hall will be blocked off as a result. She can then smoke the opposite side of B Hall using her Poison Cloud.

Viper is the ideal controller agent on Valorant Pearl because of her capacity to block several sightlines. Her one weakness is that she has a very high fuel drain when both her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are up, so her smokes won’t last very long. The easiest way to get the most out of her skills is to combine her with another controller, which will prevent the opposing team from seeing her anywhere on the battlefield.

Lastly, her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, is one of Pearl’s greatest and is especially helpful for preventing control at Mid.


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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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