Power Overwhelming – an LOR Deck Review

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Deck list for Power Overwhelming


Hello! Kairux here for another deck review here at Captain. This will be the first one after patch 1.4 dropped and I’m very excited to share this deck with you guys. Today’s deck is called Power Overwhelming – a Noxus – Freljord deck featuring Darius and Draven. Power Overwhelming is a homebrew deck by one of the members of the Legends Of Runeterra Philippines Facebook group.  I initially thought that the decklist and playstyle were interesting so I tried taking it out for a spin. The deck turned out to be really fun to play and it was a breath of fresh air from all the netdecked decks in the ladder at that time so I used it once in a while. I decided to write about this because of the buffs on Darius and Basilisk Rider, two of the hardest Overwhelm hitters in this deck.

Let’s get right to it.


Deck Overview

Power Overwhelming is a Noxus – Freljord aggro deck that focuses on dealing damage utilizing the Overwhelm mechanic. Its secondary feature is maximizing unit value by coming out on top of trades through the use of surprise Burst spells. Being an aggro deck, your main goal for each match should be to finish things as quickly as possible. Either you win through your overwhelming offense or you run out of steam and lose.

My favorite interaction in this deck is between Stun and Overwhelm. Stunning an enemy using Decisive Maneuver that is blocking an Overwhelm unit lets the attack go through as if there was no blocker in the first place. That is crazy. There were many times that I have won games through the use of this mechanic on unsuspecting opponents. This interaction is this deck’s trump card; try to set up for this play once you have drawn Decisive Maneuver.



For your starting mulligan, it is always ideal to have a Precious Pet and a Crimson Disciple in there. Both cards can provide you around 2-4 damage average per game depending on the matchup. Legion Saboteur is also preferable as she can deal 3 damage per attack uncontested. Against Noxus decks, Legion Grenadier is a viable option to start with since he can deter a Crimson Disciple drop on turn 2. Draven is also a good card to have in your starting hand as he can provide steady offensive pressure. A Burst buff card can also be good to have in your starting hand. I usually keep 1 to get on top of early trades.

Early Game

Try to deal as much damage as you can in the early game. A turn 1  Precious Pet will almost always net you 2 damage. Dropping Crimson Disciple at turn 2 is almost always ideal as you can set up Transfusion and Imperial Demolitionist plays in the succeeding turns. At turn 3, having a Draven or Iron Ballista on the board will improve your damage output by a considerable amount through the use of the Quick Attack and Overwhelm mechanics. If at this point you have Burst buffs to support the aforementioned units, they will really be troublesome for your opponent.

Mid Game

Turn 4 is ideally the turn you drop Basilisk Rider, a tremendous 6/4 Overwhelm unit when you activate his Allegiance bonus. He was one of the obscure followers who got buffed in the last patch and is now gaining popularity in Noxus-based decks. In Power Overwhelming, its Allegiance effect will almost always activate because of the low number of non-Noxus cards. That additional 1 Health has actually a bigger impact than it seems as it prevents Basilisk Rider from dying to common 3 damage removal spells such as Get Excited! and Grasp Of The Undying. Another thing to point out is that most followers that cost 4 mana and below usually have 3 Attack at most so your opponent will most likely commit at least 2 cards to trade against Basilisk Rider.

At this point, you should be starting to plan out how you will be closing the game. Turn 5 is when Decisive Maneuver comes into play. It can theoretically be used as early as turns 3 and 4 but I am betting that it will almost always be a wildly inefficient usage of resources. To maximize this card’s potential, you either need to have a Basilisk Rider or an Iron Ballista on the board, with a few other attacking units. Another turn 5 heavy hitter is Kato The Arm, who gives a free Might to the unit on its right. He gives off so much value on the board especially if you get an attack or two off.

Late Game

If you have not finished the game by turn 6, then it is time to drop the one-man cleanup crew. Darius is this deck’s heaviest hitter and a reliable finisher. One of two things will happen during this time. Either his attack will kill the opponent or bring him in range for lethal, or you run out of steam and lose the game.


Tech Options

I can only think of one tech card for this deck at the moment. What can be edited in this deck are the quantities of each card, depending on your preferences. I tried running this deck without Draven and it still works well. Kato The Arm was not on the original decklist so he can be counted as a card that I teched-in.

> Noxian Fervor – a damaging spell for either your opponent’s Nexus or priority unit. Good for aggro decks.



> vs. Aggro – Easy to average matchup. Power Overwhelming can trade better than most aggro decks currently in the meta. However, Elusive decks are sometimes troublesome to deal with because this deck does not have removal spells and Elusive aggro decks can decide not to trade and focus on dealing damage to your Nexus. There is one simple solution to this problem – out-damage them. An all-out slugfest on who could kill the other’s Nexus first. The offensive capacity of Power Overwhelming would definitely not lose out against these decks through the use of Burst buffs and Overwhelm.

> vs. Midrange – Easy matchup. The power of midrange decks lies in their units’ value, which is the exact strength of Power Overwhelming. You can trade better because you have multiple Burst buffs available to you and most of the units in this deck have above average stats for their mana costs. Try to make sure that the game does not go longer than 6 rounds or else you are going to have a hard time.

> vs. Control – Difficult matchup. You’ll have a hard time if they draw enough removal spells to destroy your units every time you play them. Try to play around removal spells and make them waste more mana and cards than necessary to get rid of your units by using Burst buffs. Not much else I can say here except pray that they won’t have enough removals for your units.



Power Overwhelming is a unique homebrew deck that is strong enough to go toe-to-toe against most meta decks. It utilizes fun mechanics and games won using this deck can be very satisfying. If you are tired of seeing the same meta decks, I suggest that you try using this one.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here.

Until the next post. Ciao!


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