Mystic Machine Gun – an LOR Deck Review

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Deck list for Mystic Machine Gun


Hello! Kairux here once again for another Legends Of Runeterra deck review. To tell you the truth, I used to hate this deck when I was starting out. The way it played annoyed the hell out of me. After a while, I decided to build this deck since I wanted to try out different playstyles. It was difficult at first since I was not very accustomed to this deck’s playstyle. Eventually, I got the hang of it and now I’m the one annoying people in the ladder using this deck. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mystic Machine Gun – an Ezreal-Karma Combo deck.

NOTE: This deck review was written pre-1.6 patch.

Deck Overview

Mystic Machine Gun is a spell-based combo deck. It aims to stall the enemy’s offense until turn 10 and then proceed to deal tons of damage to the enemy’s Nexus either through flipped Ezreal’s and/or flipped Karma’s abilities. The deck is filled with damage-dealing and attack-neutralizing spells to ensure you would reach late game. It is important to note that you will be taking a lot of damage to your Nexus in most games. This is because there are times where you need to just take a hit to the Nexus in order to create better set-ups for your combos. After all, it does not matter whether you have 20 or 1 Health remaining on your Nexus if you win the game. Winning is winning.


I prefer keeping Eye Of The Dragon and Shadow Assassin in my starting hand. Eye Of The Dragon produces a Dragonling which will be your lifeline before turn 10. Shadow Assassin gets you a draw and is a decent early chip damage-dealer and blocker.  I also usually keep a copy of Mystic Shot and Thermogenic Beam to get rid of early game threats.

For Aggro and Midrange matchups, I like to keep Chump Whump, Statikk Shock, and/or Concussive Palm in my starting hand. Chump Whump is a decent 4-drop that provides 2 1-mana Burst spells that can be used to proc Eye Of The Dragon’s ability. Statikk Shock kills those pesky 1 Health units. Concussive Palm saves you from potential damage for a turn and gets you a 3/2 unit, which is pretty sweet.

For Control matchups, Deny and Will Of Ionia are decent starting cards. Deny is especially useful against decks that run big removal cards such as Vengeance and The Ruination. Having Karma and Deep Meditation in your starting hand is also alright in this matchup. This is because not having a copy of Karma in your hand at around turn 9 will be a problem as you may have a difficult time closing the game against a Control deck on turn 10 onwards.

Early to Mid Game

When playing this deck, you have 2 goals going through the early to mid-game. The first one is to survive until turn 10. There are games that you can win even before reaching that point but those games are few and far between. Most times, you need to slug it out against your opponent until the late game. You also have a couple of draw options to cycle through your deck to get the cards that you need. Eye Of The Dragon will be your key piece in both offense and defense. The Dragonling can chip down your opponent’s Nexus as well as their bigger units. It also provides healing to your own Nexus so you wouldn’t die easily.

The second goal is to flip Ezreal. You do this by targetting enemy units with your spells. It won’t be difficult to level Ezreal up since you will be using a lot of removal spells early on to prevent your opponent from dealing too much damage on your Nexus. Statikk Shock is especially useful for this since it can target 2 units per usage. Ezreal can also be used to deal some chip damage and the free Mystic Shot every Nexus Strike is a nice bonus.

Late Game

At this point, what you need to worry about is placing Karma at the right moment. Good placement is key to maximize her ability. It is usually best to drop Karma when your opponent has little to no mana left at around turn 9 or 10. Use Karma in coordination with Rummage and Deep Meditation to cycle through your deck absurdly fast for the cards that you need to finish the game. Even if she is alone, doing 15+ damage in a single turn is not impossible for a flipped Karma provided you have enough damage-dealing spells in your hand. Having a flipped Ezreal on board makes ending the game much easier. If you have both on the board at the same time at turn 10 onwards, cast a spell and watch the Mystic Machine Gun engine come to life.

Tech Options

> Retreat – can be used to ghost block your opponent’s units and to save your units from enemy removal spells. Has great synergy with Eye Of The Dragon, Claws Of The Dragon, and Shadow Assassin.

> Ki Guardian – can be used to protect a unit before dropping it. Nets you a +0 since it gets you a free draw and it is a cheap burst spell so you can protect and drop in 1 action.

Deck Matchups

vs. Aggro

Difficult matchup. Aggro decks are the bane of Mystic Machine Gun. Eye Of The Dragon and Statikk Shock are must-haves in your starting hand in this matchup along with other removal spells. Health Potion can also be kept if you already have an Eye Of The Dragon so you can easily proc her ability. Ezreal is also good in this matchup to provide additional removal per Nexus Strike. Your survival will largely depend on you drawing enough removal spells and proccing Eye Of The Dragon’s ability. Reaching turn 10 against this matchup is pretty much a guaranteed win for you.

vs. Midrange

Average to difficult matchup. Quite similar to the Aggro matchup since some midrange decks in the current meta can push hard even in the early game. The same principles are applied to both matchups but you have a little more leeway against Midrange decks since you can stall their bigger mid-game drops with Will Of Ionia and Concussive Palm. You might have trouble getting to turn 10 at around turns 7-9 as it is where the midrange push gets really difficult to deal with but if you manage to survive until turn 10, you pretty much win the game.

vs. Control

Easy to average matchup. Almost all of the games I played against Control decks have reached turn 10. It was a race of who gets to achieve their deck’s win condition first. With this in mind, I tend to keep a copy of Karma on my starting hand whenever I’m up against a Control deck, along with Deep Meditation. In this matchup, flipping Ezreal might be quite difficult, especially if they run Deny or Glimpse Beyond. Just try to keep hitting your opponent’s units with spells as much as possible because a flipped Ezreal is very threatening in this matchup especially if he connects with Karma on the board.


Even though I started out as a hater, my recent experience in using the Mystic Machine Gun deck totally changed my opinion towards it. It is a fresh experience for me since this is only one of the few combo decks in the game currently. One of the things that I really appreciate about this deck is its depth. Sure, it is a consistent, high-tier deck but you need to first understand its complexities before you can bring out its potential.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here.

Until the next post. Ciao!


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