Lillia, the Bashful Bloom – A quick rundown

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Lillia, the Bashful Bloom is League of Legends’ latest champion to hit the rift. She is a shy half-deer whose theme revolves around putting enemies to sleep and gathering their dreams. Because she’s shy, her play patterns revolve around weaving in and out of combat. Since it’s barely been a week since Lillia’s release, I’m writing this rundown to help guide players new to her.


Let’s start this rundown by reviewing Lillia’s abilities. First, let’s take a look at her passive.

Dream-Laden Bough

Lillia’s passive is simple and straightforward. Lillia applies a debuff called Dream Dust on enemies after hitting them with any of her abilities. As a result of getting Dream Dust, enemies take damage over time equal to a percentage of their maximum health. Additionally, applying Dream Dust on enemy champions is needed to cast Lillia’s ultimate. Moving on, let’s review Lillia’s Q ability.

Blooming Blows

Blooming Blows functions similarly to Darius’ Decimate. It’s more effective when hitting enemies with the ability’s outer edge because it deals true damage. Morever, Blooming Blows also has a passive part. Lillia gains stacking movement speed whenever she hits targets with any of her abilities. This stacking movement speed passive is an important part of Lillia’s hit-and-run combat patterns. Next, let’s talk about Lillia’s W ability.

Watch Out! Eep!

Watch Out! Eep! deals magic damage to enemies in an area after a wind-up animation. Furthermore, it deals more damage to enemies in the center of the area of effect. This ability has a short dash that Lillia can use as a gap closer. However, Lillia can’t dash over terrain like walls with this ability. Moreover, this ability’s wind-up locks Lillia to the location she cast it on. As a result, enemies can still reposition themselves for a counterattack if they aren’t locked down.

Lillia tosses swirlseed in a target location. Enemies in the impact area take magic damage, are revealed, and slowed. If it doesn’t hit anything, swirlseed will continue to roll in the direction it was cast until it hits an enemy or collides with terrain. Swirlseed is Lillia’s initiating and scouting tool. Lillia can throw it towards an area to set up for a long-range gank or throw it to an area without vision to try and scout for enemies.

Lilting Lullaby is a powerful ultimate. When cast, all enemy champions afflicted with Dream Dust will become drowsy, eventually falling asleep. Afterwards, dealing damage to a sleeping champion will wake them up and make them take additional magic damage. Lilting Lullaby can sleep champions regardless of how far away are from you.

Overall, Lillia’s kit is simple and she isn’t very mechanically taxing. However, she requires good positioning to play effectively.

Ability Order

In order of importance: R > Q > W > E

I feel this is the optimal way to level up Lillia’s abilities. Lillia players should max out Blooming Blows first because it’s her most consistent damage tool and because of the stacking movement speed passive. Afterwards, Watch Out! Eep! is maxed out next because it’s Lillia’s burst damage tool. Max Swirlseed last because it’s only an initiation tool. Level up Lilting Lullaby whenever possible.


This is the first rune combination I use for Lillia. It features the Domination and Sorcery rune trees. Dark Harvest is taken as the keystone rune because it helps Lillia’s damage output and scaling. Afterwards, Cheap Shot is taken for the additional damage that’s useful when doing early ganks. Next, Eyeball Collection helps Lillia scale from scoring takedowns. Furthermore, Ravenous Hunter helps Lillia sustain herself.

The Sorcery tree is the secondary rune tree because of the utility it provides Lillia. Nimbus Cloak gives Lillia bonus movement speed after casting a summoner spell. This has good synergy with her hit-and-run combat patterns. Lastly, Waterwalking gives additional mobility for roams when passing through the river.

This is the second rune combination I use for Lillia. It still features both the Sorcery and Domination rune trees. However, the Sorcery tree is the primary tree in this combination. Phase Rush is the keystone rune because of its synergy with Lillia’s combat patterns. The additional movement speed helps Lillia weave in and out of combat better. Following this, the minor runes taken from the Sorcery tree help maximize Lillia’s mobility.

Next, the Domination runes used here help Lillia sustain herself and deal more damage in the early game.


Core Items

Lillia’s core items are Liandry’s Torment and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Both items give her more health and ability power, increasing her survivability and damage. Furthermore, Lillia can utilize both items’ passive abilities well. Liandry’s Torment’s Madness passive ramps up Lillia’s damage in prolonged fights while its Torment passive gives Lillia more damage over time that has good synergy with Dream Dust.

On the other hand, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter gives Lillia additional crowd control. Its slowing effect when Lillia hits enemies with her abilities gives her an easier time kiting enemies.

Defensive Items

For Lillia’s defensive items, are choices are Zhonya’s Hourglass, Banshee’s Veil, and Dead Man’s Plate. Zhonya’s Hourglass gives Lillia ability power, armor, and cooldown reduction. Furthermore, it’s Stasis active ability helps Lillia survive burst damage and can be used as a disengage. Next, Banshee’s Veil gives Lillia ability power, magic resistance, and cooldown reduction. It’s Spell Shield passive helps Lillia protect herself from burst mages or crowd control abilities. Lastly, Dead Man’s Plate gives Lillia health and armor. It’s Dreadnought and Crushing Blow passives are useful for chasing down and sticking to targets.

Offensive Items

Morellonomicon and the Hextech Protobelt-01 are our offensive item choices. Morellonomicon grants ability power, health, and magic penetration. Furthermore, its Grievous Wounds passive is useful for dealing with enemy compositions that have a lot of healing. Next, the Hextech Protobelt-01 grants ability power, health, and cooldown reduction. Its Fire Bolt active ability is a useful gap closer and additional damage tool.


That wraps up my quick rundown of Lillia, the Bashful Bloom! Hopefully this rundown gives you a better idea of the basics of playing Lillia.


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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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