League’s newest champion Milio, what he brings to the table

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League’s newest champion Milio was just released together with patch 13.6. Milio, the Gentle Flame, is from a secluded town on the outskirts of Ixtal, a powerful mage nation. His family was exiled for a long time, but Milio’s mastery of fire could be their ticket back to Ixaocan’s capital city to rejoin Ixtal’s ruling elite.

Skills Summary

Milio’s passive ability is ‘Fired Up,’ which means that allies afflicted by any of Milio’s other abilities receive a buff that offers them more damage on their next attack or damaging ability, as well as applying a burn to the target.

‘Ultra Mega Fire Kick’ is Milio’s Q ability. Milio strikes with a fuemigo ball, knocking back and stunning the first enemy struck. It also bounces upwards on a hit before dropping down and dealing AOE damage and slow.

Milio’s W ability, ‘Cozy Campfire,’ when cast, creates an AOE zone that follows the ally nearest to it. Allies within the zone are gradually healed and gain extra attack range. It also uses Milio’s passive all the time.

Milio’s E ability is ‘Warm Hugs,’ which is a shielding ability for friends that also grants a temporary movement speed boost. Milio can use this talent on his own.

Milio’s R ability is ‘Breath of Life,’ an ultimate cast that cleanses allies in a vast area of crowd control effects. Allies are also healed by it. Milio cannot use this ability to purify himself if he is under crowd control.

A Good Champion for Beginners?

There are several difficult-to-play champions in League of Legends, like Azir, Taliyah, and Yasuo, yet easy characters are rare to find. That’s presumably why Riot determined that League’s newest champion Milio will be a “simple and straightforward” support.

Milio is an enchanter who boosts his teammates and works best in lane-bullying duos. In skirmishes, he is best used tucked away in his team’s back line, pumping them with movement speed, attack range, healing, and cleansing.

While he doesn’t bring new to the table, it’s always a good thing when there’s a new support champion to use; given that the support role is the most popular role in League, the newest champion Milio might be one of the most popular picks in this meta. He would most likely flourish in ranged compositions since max distance can be created with his skills.

His ability to concentrate on immediately enhancing his AD Carry and protecting against incoming threats demonstrates that he is an enchanter. Milio is rather “paper” and provides relatively modest damage, but due to his enormous range and passive, he has amazing poke potential.

SOURCE: League of Legends

The Best Items on Milio

This build is as universal as possible and should work for the majority of opposing team compositions. Due to this champion’s long cooldowns, we have a lot of shielding enhancement, heal, and of course ability haste at our disposal. with this build, you should go with the Resolve rune. Enhancing shielding and healing and a bit of tenacity is all the new champion needs.

Moonstone Renewer/Shurelya’s Battlesong
Chemtech Putrifier
Ardent Censer
Mikael’s Blessing
Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity

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