Improve Your FPS On Wild Rift

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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

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Frame rate (expressed in frames per second or FPS) is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames to appear on a display. Wild Rift is one of those games that gives you an advantage when playing with a higher frame rate. A higher frame rate means you’ll see animations smoothly, allowing you to have more accuracy in the game.

Phones have been getting more and more powerful over the years. Just a while ago, it is a privilege to have a phone that has Snapdragon 850 chipset, now, even a midrange phone has a better or equal performance. Technology has advanced greatly. Flagship phones can already handle high refresh rates, enabling their users to play mobile games quite fluidly. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to improve your FPS (Frames Per Second) on Wild Rift.

LoL: Wild Rift is one of the best-looking games in the mobile genre, it’s almost a direct port of PC to mobile, and with the graphics, and the effects, there’s no question that the game is made beautifully. So without further ado, here are the ways to improve your FPS.

Optimize Your Phone

Among the numerous strategies for boosting FPS in Wild Rift is Phone Optimization. Nowadays, most phones come with optimizers built into settings that can be found in various operating systems, such as the MIUI (Xiaomi). The phone system automatically cleans your phone for you by clearing background activity and deleting clutter from your storage and memory that makes it difficult for your phone to run games smoothly, notably Wild Rift. This approach is really easy and simple. Check the settings on your phone to see if this feature is available.

Adjusting In-Game Settings

Adjusting Wild Rift’s graphic settings is the most popular and practical approach to enhancing FPS. The graphic setting has several tiers, ranging from the lowest to the highest. Additional features like shadows and texturing textures require additional processing power from the phone, lowering gaming frame rates depending on the phone’s hardware. The more power a game uses from your phone’s hardware, the higher the setting it is set to, which has a significant impact on FPS.

Your phone specifications will guide you on how it can run the game, The most technical way to raise FPS is just to examine your phone’s specifications and make adjustments from there. For Android, Wild Rift needs at least 2 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm 410 with a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor in order to function properly on the lowest level.

wr specs

The majority of Android phones with the minimum system requirements were introduced in 2014, as well as some later models. For iOS, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and an A9 processor are needed, and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus meet this minimal need. iOS users can play Wild Rift on the lowest setting on these phones.

Background Applications and Phone Storage

It’s simple and efficient to keep your phone optimized by regularly removing background apps. Checking background programs and being aware of them will ultimately turn into a good habit because playing Wild Rift while other apps are running in the background reduces the FPS in the game.

Common apps like Facebook, YouTube, and music-related apps will undoubtedly use a significant amount of the phone’s hardware in the background and have a significant influence, therefore it’s crucial to remove background apps and keep an eye on them all the time.

Another efficient technique to maintain your phone optimized and run games smoothly at higher FPS is to check your phone’s storage. In order to make room for more downloads and cached data produced by the game, particularly Wild Rift, you need more free storage, especially internal storage.

The developing nature of Wild Rift means that it will almost certainly update frequently and add new material, making phone storage crucial. Your game will run more smoothly and with a higher frame rate if you have more storage capacity.

Unlock 90 and 120 FPS on Wild Rift

Although Wild Rift does not now officially support 90 to 120 FPS, this restriction can be overcome. Similar to Team Fight Tactics (TFT) mobile, you can change the game files to increase the frame rate. Higher frame rates will be available during gameplay. Except for Wild Rift, no more programs need to be downloaded or root permissions granted.

To prevent your phone from lagging and overheating, be sure to adjust your game graphics settings to the lowest levels before continuing.

  1. Plug your phone into a Desktop Computer to access your phone’s internal storage. 
  2. Locate your game files folder. It’s usually in the internal storage under 
  3. Go to the folder Android > data > com.riotgames.league.wildrift > files > SaveData > Local
  4. There should be two folders with numbers as the file name. Find the folder that contains only the “Setting” file.
  5. Copy the “Setting” file and paste it onto your desktop.
  6. Open the file called “Settings” with a text editor of your choice. Notepad also works.
  7. Find the text line that says “frequencyMode”:false/true,”
  8. Replace (false/true) with a one-digit number of your choice, here are the corresponding numbers for each frame setting:
    0 – 30 FPS
    1 – 60 FPS
    2 – 90 FPS
    3 – 120FPS

    Example: I want to unlock my frames to 120 FPS, so I change the text to “frequencyMode”:3
  9. Save the file
  10. Copy it back and overwrite the “Setting” file.
  11. Play the game and test it.

Remember that only phones with a support range of 90 to 120 FPS can use this. You will only get between 61 and 65 frames per second if your phone doesn’t support frames above 60.

Because the game overwrites the file when it launches, you have to continue modifying it. However, you may use the “Tasker” program to create a widget that replaces the file each time your game launches.

To Wrap It Up

These techniques are only a few of the easiest, most dependable, and most successful surface approaches for boosting FPS. Although there are other techniques that are overly complex and challenging to grasp, the majority of issues that reduce frame rates can be resolved using the techniques listed above.

While 60 FPS is ideal for mobile gameplay, especially in Wild Rift, higher FPS requires stronger phone capabilities. 30 FPS is generally acknowledged as the minimum to play the game and is accessible by most phones at the lowest level. Overall, lowering graphical settings and often clearing background apps are the two best ways to enhance FPS.

However, if you have a beefy phone and want to try its limit, you can go and try our instructions to run it on 120 FPS for more fluid and smooth gameplay.


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Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Riot may make these adjustments to the Worlds 2024 format

Worlds 2023 is drawing to a close. A winner will be chosen, offseason roster moves will escalate, and League of Legends season 14 will commence, paving the path for Worlds 2024. Worlds 2023 is unique in that Riot Games changed the format for the first time in history....