Frozen Solid – an LOR Deck Review

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Deck list for Frozen Solid


Hello. Kairux here once again for another Legends Of Runeterra deck review. Before we start, I would like to give a little update to you guys. I finally reached Master rank after a couple of weeks of grinding! It has been quite a journey. The deck that I am reviewing today is the one I used from Diamond 2 0 LP to Masters. It has been around since the previous patch and not much has changed in its contents and gameplay after patch 1.4. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Frozen Solid – an Ashe – Sejuani midrange deck.

Deck Overview

Frozen Solid is a Freljord – Noxus midrange deck that trades well by using burst Frostbite spells and deals a lot of damage with its powerful units. The deck features Omen Hawk and Avarosan Hearthguard to boost unit value. Buffed-up bulky units will be more costly to remove from the board for your opponent. Having board superiority with your beefy units is your main win condition. There are also multiple cards in the deck that can apply Frostbite to enemies. These cards serve two purposes: to level Ashe up and to win trades. Frostbite is also particularly useful when a flipped Ashe attacks as it prevents units from blocking. Aside from these features, the deck also has several other tools to deal with various matchups, which will be discussed in-depth below.


For your starting hand, followers like Omen Hawk, Icevale Archer, Trifarian Gloryseekerm, and Avarosan Trapper are nice to have. I also tend to keep Brittle Steel, Elixir Of Iron, and Culling Strike to get ahead of early trades or to remove low damage priority targets. There are also particular cards that you would want in your starting hand depending on the matchup.

For aggro and midrange matchups, cards that cause Frostbite except for Ashe will perform exceptionally well in the early game. Reckoning is also great for this matchup to clean up the board in the mid-game. For control matchups, I tend to keep Avarosan Hearthguard in my starting hand despite its 5-mana cost. You would want to get that +1/+1 as soon as possible against this matchup. He synergizes extremely well with Trifarian Assessor as the bonus stats place her at 5 attack, which then allows her ability to proc with herself. It is also the reason why you would want to avoid having Trifarian Assessor on your starting hand as it is ideal if she gets the bonus from Omen Hawk or Avarosan Hearthguard first before drawing into her.

Early Game

Try to win early trades by making use of Frostbite cards and Elixir Of Iron. These cards are particularly effective when used in conjunction with Trifarian Gloryseeker as she can take down priority targets easily. Avarosan Trapper is a great turn 3 drop and if you are lucky, you draw into a 1-mana 5/5 unit at turn 4. This is particularly strong in the early game as a big unit like that can be difficult to remove from the board. It is also important to note that playing Avarosan Trapper can cause you to miss drawing cards on your deck that you may be looking for because it produces the Enraged Yeti into the top 3 cards of your deck. Keep this in mind as this can be an issue in the latter part of the game.

Mid Game

Frozen Solid has a really strong mid-game potential. You would usually have more than 1 unit that has 5 Attack or more on the board by now so using Reckoning would not be too difficult. This is done to eliminate multiple smaller units. On the other hand, Ashe will be particularly useful in fighting against boards with fewer but stronger units. She also can help deal frightening amounts of Nexus damage, especially if she flips early. Sejuani will mostly be used to eliminate priority units as well as neutralizing high damage drops that can threaten you. Try dropping Avarosan Hearthguard if you have a copy on your hand starting at turn 5. Drawing into a Trifarian Assessor in the next couple of turns afterward ensures that you would not easily run out of steam when transitioning to the late game.

Late Game

Captain Farron is teched in Frozen Solid as a late-game closer if Ashe, Sejuani, and the other big units in this deck can’t finish the job. If the 8/8 Overwhelm unit can’t close out the game, maybe the 3 Decimate spells can.

Tech Options

> Kindly Tavernkeeper – good against Aggro matchups

> Reckless Trifarian – heavy 3 drop. Synergizes well with Reckoning. If you decide to run this, a couple of copies of Kato The Arm should be worth looking into as well

> Kato The Arm – Overwhelm would be very useful in this deck. Fulfills the Reckoning requirement

> The Tuskraider – I used to run this before teching-in Captain Farron. Buffs your entire deck massively and gives you a swole Sejuani upon triggering Plunder to help close out the game

> Fury Of The North – strong buff card that could be useful on some occasions

Deck Matchups

vs. Aggro

Average to Difficult matchup. Frostbite cards will be your best friend in this matchup. Try to keep at 1 or 2 of those in your starting hand. You definitely would want to have a good mana curve on your starting hand to counter-act the early offensive of your opponent. Omen Hawk is decent in this matchup as it provides a small stat bonus early on which can help with trading and blocking. Drop Avarosan Trapper as early as you can because it will be difficult for your opponent to remove the Enraged Yeti early on without risking their big units. Reckoning will also be particularly useful in clearing out the board at around mid-game. A well-placed Reckoning could definitely spell an early concede from your opponent, especially if most of what they have are multiple low-cost units.

vs. Midrange

Easy matchup. Your units generally out-value midrange deck units with the use of deck buffs. Use Trifarian Gloryseeker to eliminate priority targets. Culling Strike can also be used for this purpose. Frostbite cards and Elixir Of Iron guarantee that you will fare better in trades. Midrange decks are also very susceptible to Reckoning. In fact, it is easier to set a Reckoning up against a Midrange deck as compared to an Aggro deck. Having an Avarosan Hearthguard on your starting hand on this matchup is not too bad even though there might be some early aggression against you. This is on the condition that the other cards on your hand deal with or at least neutralize an early offensive. Ashe and Sejuani shine best against this matchup.

vs. Control

Average matchup. Having Omen Hawk, Avarosan Trapper and Avarosan Hearthguard on your starting hand is ideal. Omen Hawk and Avarosan Hearthguard increase your cards’ survivability and damage output while Avarosan Trapper produces an Enraged Yeti, which will be quite troublesome for your opponent early on in the game. I usually mulligan Frostbite spells because having units is more preferable against Control matchups. Your goal here is to finish the game as soon as possible. Frozen Solid is really strong during mid-game so take advantage of that. If you see in advance that the game will inevitably progress to the late game, time your Trifarian Assessor drops to when you have a couple of 5 Attack units to get good value out of it. These extra draws will be invaluable in dragged-out games as running out steam in the late game against Control decks will definitely lead to your demise.


Frozen Solid is as solid as ice when it comes to climbing the ladder. It is well-equipped in dealing with various threats and it also packs a couple of interesting mechanics that can be fun to use. I also have a renewed liking for Frozen Solid after sleeping on it during the past season because it is the one that brought me to Master rank. This only means that it has no problem whatsoever of going head-to-head against most meta decks at the moment. Big units, baiting trades, and unblockable attacks. If those things interest you, then this is a deck for you to try.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here.

Until the next post. Ciao!


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