Break Their Walls – an LOR Deck Review

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Deck list for Break Their Walls


Greetings! Kairux here once again for another deck review. Today’s featured deck is one of my favorites – Break Their Walls: a Swain – Sejuani Midrange Deck. I have been using this deck recently in Master successfully as it can go head-to-head against most meta decks although it is currently classified as a B-tier deck. It has various tools for early, mid, and late game. Different tactics can be implemented depending on your starting hand. Its flexibility is similar to Endure Sacrifice, a deck I had previously reviewed, as it is not reliant on a single card to run the deck’s engine. Rather, there are various combos available using different card combinations, a trait that most of my favorite decks commonly have.


Deck Overview

Break Their Walls is a midrange Freljord – Noxus deck that focuses on dealing damage to the opponent’s Nexus consistently and at the same time controlling the board by winning trades using Burst buffs. It does this simultaneously by using the Noxian Crimson archetype cards, which can both deal damage and produce units. The deck also contains Burst buff cards that are useful for triggering the Crimson unit’s effects and taking down bigger units in a trade. Meanwhile, smaller units can be dealt with using area-of-effect card abilities and spells. Talk about flexibility. As I mentioned earlier, this deck has a nifty toolbox and can deal with most threats if played correctly. 

Leveling-up the Champions in Break Their Walls is also not very difficult. Cards like Citybreaker and Ember Maiden do wonders in this regard. A leveled-up Swain cannot be allowed by your opponent to hit their Nexus and a leveled-up Sejuani is a nightmare to deal with every round as trading will almost always end up in your favor. A mid to late game drop of these behemoths will surely be enough to turn the tides to your favor if left uncontested. 



Your starting mulligan should contain cards like Omen Hawk, Crimson Disciple, and Crimson Curator. Omen Hawk is almost a standard in all Freljord decks and it has a great synergy with the Crimson units. Crimson Disciple is another staple in most Noxian decks as she is a phenomenal blocker and she also helps level our champions up. Crimson Curator is a solid card that can produce an army of Crimson units as long as he remains on the board. This helps with tempo a lot since you can take more trades both offensively and defensively and still not lose too much steam.

It is important that you mulligan Swain, Sejuani, and The Leviathan in case you get them in your starting hand. You will need that card slot for something more useful in the early game to help you gain or maintain tempo. Buff cards like Elixir Of Iron, Transfusion, and Fury Of The North are also useful early on but I would suggest prioritizing early units over these. 

Early Game

Try to get as much damage off as you can. Playing around the use of Burst buffs really makes Crimson Disciple shine as you can attack and defend against units at the same time while dealing 2 damage to your opponent’s Nexus. The case is the same for Crimson Curator, although his role is to supply you with more Crimson units to pressure your opponent. Damaging your own units is also a viable option to proc their abilities. Cards like Death Lotus, Imperial Demolitionist, and Transfusion can be used to that end. 

Mid Game

At turn 4, you can now drop Citybreaker. It provides you with the engine to level Sejuani up during the mid-game and it can also be the damage proc every start of the round to trigger the leveled-up Sejuani’s ability as long as it remains on the board. With 5 HP, it can be difficult for your opponent to remove this on the board without committing a couple of cards.

By turn 5 and 6, you are now primed to drop Swain and Sejuani. If you had a good early game, both of them might be close to or are already leveled-up. In my experience, getting a Nexus hit on Swain is quite difficult in the mid-game. This is understandable because allowing a Nexus Strike from him will be disastrous – 7 damage on the Nexus plus 3 damage to each of the opponent’s units. That hurts a lot. So always assume that your opponent always has something to prevent Swain from doing so and play around that fact.

On the other hand, Sejuani’s usage is more straight-forward as she can be used either to hit priority targets that do not usually battle or to take away a unit’s damage on its attacking turn. Sejuani is also bulky so she tends to stick in the board for a while. Her ability after leveling-up is also amazing, perhaps one of the best in the game, as it drastically slows down your opponent’s attack while also disabling their initial defenses on your attack turn.

Late Game

If the game drags on late, The Leviathan may give you the ‘oomph’ that you need to end things. It also lets you draw Swain so you have a sure drop next turn just in case. 


Tech Options

Ever since I started using Break Their Walls, I have yet to try card techs. The tech options listed below are hypothetically good alternatives for the deck but I have yet to test them.

> Take Heart – good synergy with the Crimson units. Since Sejuani and Swain also have a lot of HP, they can also benefit from this.

> Ravenous Flock – helps level Swain up and a good removal tool. Good synergy with Ember Maiden and Death Lotus.

> Noxian Guillotine – Removal for big units. Good synergy with Ember Maiden and Death Lotus. 

> Noxian Fervor – added aggro element to the deck. It can be useful to counter control spells. 

> Crimson Awakener – 4 drop 5/5 unit that activates Crimson units’ abilities. Helps level Swain up. 


Deck Matchups

> vs. Aggro – Easy matchup. Break Their Walls can out-tempo an aggro deck with the help of the Crimson units and the Burst buffs. Break Their Wall’s units are more resilient and if you combine that with the presence of Death Lotus and Culling Strike, you will have little trouble in dealing with the different types of aggro decks currently in the ladder. Try to mulligan for an early game-oriented curve in your starting hand. 

> vs. Midrange – Average to difficult matchup. You will need to rely on your efficient use of Burst buffs in this matchup in order to grab the W because almost all of the currently popular midrange decks have units with more powerful bases than the units in Break Their Walls. In the event that you do manage to pull the correct usage of Burst buffs off while your units are blocking or are getting blocked, the gains will be tremendous as you get bonus effects from the Crimson units as they get damaged. Not only are you reducing the enemies’ numbers by destroying them, but you are also dealing damage to the Nexus and producing more Crimson units at the same time. 

> vs. Control – Easy to average matchup. To win this matchup, all you need to remember is to keep your units alive. Your Burst buffs should come in handy against removal spells. Always keep some mana ready just in case a surprise removal hits you. There will always be removal spells targeting the Crimson units so try to keep them alive. Even if your opponent starts to drop big units in the mid-game, as long as you do not lose too many units in the early game, you would not have a problem closing. 



Break Their Walls is an entertaining deck to play because it has elements from aggro, midrange, and control decks. It can deal a ton of damage in the early game like an aggro deck by using Crimson Disciple. It can keep the tempo up through card value like a midrange deck by using Crimson Curator. And finally, it can dispatch units with the use of control spells and abilities like Culling Strike and Ember Maiden. I like using decks with flexible strategies, not relying on one or two cards and this deck fits that bill. It also has good matchups and it fares well against most meta decks right now in the ladder. Overall, I would totally recommend using this deck in your ranked climb.

That’s it for now, guys. Many thanks for indulging me in this blog post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this. If you want to read about my previous deck reviews, you can find them here

Until the next post. Ciao!  



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