Best Maps for Gekko

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Gekko, Valorant’s 22nd agent, and his colorful animals can help their teammates in a variety of ways.

The agent is equipped with special skills that can be utilized to gather information, stun foes, concuss targets, and capture adversaries.

He differs from other initiator agents in that he can employ his skills again after recovering them. Dizzy and Wingman can thus be utilized numerous times in a single round, providing teams with a ton of flexibility.

Gekko is a good initiator who will blend in with any agent attack team. He can use his skills to clear obstacles off the way and push defenders back. He can get his skills back after the spot is safe and use them again when the defenders gather and try to reclaim them.

He is tougher to play defensively since attackers will have a harder time learning how to use his skills. For this reason, we’ve selected the five best maps for Gekko.

Best Maps for Gekko


Fracture is the perfect map for Gekko to throw his talents and collect them because of its abundance of narrow passageways and confined spaces.

Throw Dizzy up into the air through smokes to blind your adversaries as they rush towards the B site from B main. If the attackers don’t take over the B site, if you throw Dizzy around Generator or Canteen, you ought to be able to get them back.

Since B Arcade is situated on the defender’s side of the map, the same can be done there. Wait for the attackers to advance to the A site since holding A main and A dish will be challenging.

Dizzy, Wingman, and Mosh might be used to thwart their attempts to seize the location. Then, if the attackers choose to rotate or become stranded in A main, simply pick up your skills once more.


For Icebox, the same principles apply. Dizzy can be thrown high into the air while holding the A site to detect intruders on the A belt, A pipes, and the confined space where the ultimate orb is located. Since Dizzy doesn’t move too far, you ought to be able to pick her up again.

Attackers can be prevented from advancing inside a generator or a maze by using a wingman. You ought to be able to get him back because both regions are protected.


Using Gekko’s skills in open spaces is not recommended because they can be easily shot down. Although Lotus has three locations and is thought to be huge, each contains small, tight corners that complement his powers.

Lotus’ websites are accessible from a variety of perspectives. On this map, using Wingman to place the spike is a huge advantage. Gekko’s powers can be shot down to reveal the locations of the defenders while being thrown against targets may blind or stun them.

The same holds true for defenders trying to take back the location. It will be possible for Mosh, Dizzy, Wingman, and his ultimate Thrash to eliminate attackers hiding and guarding the planted spike.


Compared to Fracture, Split features more choke spots and confined spaces. Gekko is a perfect initiator on the map because of this.

Dizzy and Wingman are exceptional at getting around tight curves. Your team might avoid coming across a Judge, a deadly automatic shotgun that shines on Split, by using the two skills.

If you take cover or ask for smoke, recovering your defensive skills should be simple. You should be fine as long as you don’t dump it into the A main, mid, or B garage.


The Italian map by Valorant is where Gekko excels. Dizzy may identify opponents such as recon initiator agents Sova and Fade on Ascent, as demonstrated by Acend’s Valorant streamer Thinking Man’s Valorant. The nicest part is that you don’t have to go very far to get her back.

Dizzy will locate the enemies and descend to the earth if she is launched into the air. Ascent has many places with wide skies, so this fits. She may learn things without taking many risks because of this.

What do you think are the best maps for Gekko?

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